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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 2 Geminititan vs. Thoradolosaurus

Second Battle: Geminititan vs. Thoradolosaurus

Geminititan Stats:

Size: 105 feet
Weight: 115 metric tons
Diet: Carnivore
Assuming Bite Force: 50 Tons

Thoradolosaurus Stats:

Size: 42 feet
Weight: 15 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Assuming Bite Force: 8 Tons

The Thoradolosaurus spots the Geminititan trying to catch some Pterosaurs in the trees. The Thoradolosaurus starts biting the Geminititan on the leg. The Geminititan starts roaring in pain. The Thoradolosaurus bites it on the legs again, then bites it on the tail which caused more damage. The Geminititan looks down to see what was going on. The Thoradolosaurus begins get another bite strong enough to give the Geminititan a leg injury. Fortunately, the Geminititan manages to lower it’s head in time, and bites the Thoradolosaurus, killing it.

Winner: Geminititan

Next Battle: Grykeleken vs. Phorusaura


Although this is a massive stomp (literally), the gemini bite is way too high. (it would be weak). Thor’s bite also would be about half of that.

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May not be much but I wanted to draw a thor getting beat up


Perfect! :ok_hand:

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Thor gets 4 chomps before Gemini does anything. Perfect example of a nitro Thor right there. :rofl:


Wait gem has over 5× the bite force of thor and is 8× as large I never knew this

It’s Not 5, it’s 50

50 thor has 8 so that’s over 5 times thor bite force

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It’s beautiful :star_struck: