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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 3 Grykeleken vs. Phorusaura

Here’s # 3: Grykeleken vs. Phorusaura

Grykeleken Stats:
JWA_PressKit_Grylenken (1)
Size: 13 feet
Weight: 550 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Assuming Bite Force: 8000 Psi

Phorusaura Stats:
Size: 11 feet
Weight: 560
Diet: Carnivore
Assuming Bite Force: 600 Psi

The Grykeleken is hunting. It seems like there aren’t any fish in the river, so it has to improvise. Then it sees something, a lone Phorusaura that got separated from it’s flock during a Smilonemys attack. The Grykeleken desperately needs to try to take it on. This could be her only chance to ever try something new. And the Grykeleken still needs to feed her hatchling. She runs straight at the Phorusaura and leaping on it’s, but the Phorusaura fights back by pecking her on the legs, making her lose footing. The Grykeleken recovers and the two start pecking at eachother. The Phorusaura gets a direct hit, but the Grykeleken stands her ground. The Grykeleken kicks the Phorusaura in the neck, injuring it. The Grykeleken then sends a death bite to the Phorusaura. The Grykeleken then drags the dead Phorusaura away, and her hatchling won’t have to starve.

Winner: Grykeleken

Next Battle: Grypolyth vs. Megalosuchus


They became woodpeckers


Really hits you in the feels, doesn’t it?

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not so sure how I did on this one, but I feel like irl, gryleneken may have a better chance at winning since it has teeth and can maybe drag phorusaura into the water and drown it




Hybrid I made

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