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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 4 Grypolyth vs. Megalosuchus

Here’s # 4, 1. Grypolyth vs. Megalosuchus

Grypolyth Stats:

Size: 40 feet
Weight: 4 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 4.5 Tons

Megalosuchus Stats:

Size: 12 feet
Weight: 1.5 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 5.5 Tons

A Grypolyth was just coming back from the ocean after a day of swimming. It settles down on the beach and rests, unaware that a Megalosuchus was string it from the jungle. The Megalosuchus attacks, pouncing on the Grypolyth’s back and tries to bite, but only manages to get a few scratches in. The Grypolyth goes back into the ocean, in order to give it the edge points. The Grypolyth shakes the Megalosuchus off and smacks it with it’s tail. The Megalosuchus tries to escape to shore, but the Grypolyth drags it back down. The Grypolyth bite the Megalosuchus in the head and goes for the death roll. The Grypolyth swims back the the shore as the dead Megalosuchus starts sinking

Winner: Grypolyth

Next Battle: Pteraquetzal vs. Poukaidei

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This certainly was a short fight lol


That was unfair lol

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Nobody stops FAT CROC