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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 6 Allosinosaurus vs. Tragodistis

Here’s # 6, Allosinosaurus vs. Tragodistis

Allosinosaurus Stats:

Size: 35 feet
Weight: 2 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 850 Psi

Tragodistis Stats:

Size: 26 feet
Weight: 6 tons
Diet: Herbivore

The Allosinosaurus has been patrolling the prairie, who was only trying to find an animal to pick on. It sees a mother Tragodistis. The Allosinosaurus attacks the Tragodistis, ramming her on the side, and getting several bites on the legs and tail which were easy to target. The Tragodistis retaliates by swinging her huge club-like tail into his chest, injuring him. The Allosinosaurus refuses to let some member of Euoplocephalus get the better of him. He rams into the side of the Tragodistis. The Tragodistis would to anything to protect her offspring. The Tragodistis starts running and the Allosinosaurus chases her, but the Tragodistis stops and swings her tail into his head and breaks his jaw, killing him at once. The Tragodistis can now continue caring for her offspring

Winner: Tragodistis

Next Battle: 1. Antarctovenator vs. Pterovexus


My boi Tank for the win! :grin:

(I actually named my Ingame Trago “Tank” who has Teir 7 Health and Attack Boosts! You can see why I chose that name. :3 )

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A mother will do anything to protect her children


That’s Right

Can you do a drawing for my first Dinosaur Battle: Purutaurus vs. Purrolyth?

Here’s the battle:

The Purutaurus is walking through a Forest, it the steps onto an open field, and sees a Purrolyth feeding on a dead Paramoloch that it killed. The Purutaurus rushes at the Purrolyth, seeing it as an intruder in it’s territory. The Purrolyth sees the Purutaurus and notices that this place is the Purutaurus’ territory. The Purrolyth tries to take it over and swiping at the Purutaurus and manages to hit four times. The Purutaurus retaliates with a single hard swipe, knocking the Purrolyth down. The Purrolyth recovers and pounces on the Purutaurus back and manages to get a bite. The Purutaurus immediately shakes the Purrolyth off like a ragdoll. The Purutaurus holds the Purrolyth down and gives it a deadly bite the the neck, finishing the Purrolyth at once. The Purutaurus then stays in it’s territory, and rests for now

Winner: Purutaurus

Not my best work but its something


I wanna see gigaspika vs tryo ? or tryannolopho

Still looks good