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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 7 Antarctovenator vs. Pterovexus

Here’s # 7, Antarctovenator vs. Pterovexus

Antarctovenator Stats:

Size: 7 feet
Weight: 600 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 1500 Psi

Pterovexus Stats:

Size: 1 feet
Weight: 40 ibs
Diet: Carnivore

The Antarctovenator was busy hunting. Unaware of a Pterovexus that is trying to steal his food. The Antarctovenator doesn’t hesitate to fight and attacks the Pterovexus by grabbing onto it’s wing, but the Pterovexus manages to make a lucky escape. The Pterovexus then attacks by pecking at the Antarctovenator in the head. The Antarctovenator’s skin is way to tough. The Antarctovenator uses his his tail to slap the Pterovexus in the water. The Antarctovenator then sends a death bite to the Pterovexus’ head. The Antarctovenator continues hunting even after a long fight.

Winner: Antarctovenator

Next Battle: Dimodactylus vs. Poukandactylus


You have to be patient. I have already planned out some other battles

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The next battle will be very interesting


I feel like this one should’ve been pterovexus vs poukandactylus (small unique fliers)

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I’m using Poukandactylus against the Dimodactylus

can’t wait for the next

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