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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 8 Dimodactylus vs. Poukandactylus

Here’s # 8, Dimodactylus vs. Poukandactylus

Dimodactylus Stats:

Size: 6 feet (Height), 24 feet (Wingspan)
Weight: 120 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 850 Psi


Size: 3 feet (Height), 15 feet (Wingspan)
Weight: 90 Ibs
Diet: Omnivore

The Dimodactylus is hunting, it patrols the skies for anything it could find from above. It notices something perched in a tree, an omnivorous Poukandactylus. The Carnivorous Dimodactylus dives down at the Poukandactylus, but the more aware Poukandactylus notices the danger and dodges and uses it’s talons to hold the Dimodactylus’ head down on a branch. The Poukandactylus pecks on the Dimodactylus five times in the head, but the Dimodactylus manages to break free from any more pecks. They both fly at and grapple eachother. The heavier Dimodactylus throws the Poukandactylus off course, and had on a tree branch and sends a death bite to the neck. The Dimodactylus flys off with the dead Poukandactylus, and finds somewhere sade to feed.

Winner: Dimodactylus

Next Battle: Koolabourgiana vs. Stygidaryx


well, dimo killed his stepbrother, what an outcome


the next one will be cool. battle of the big pteros

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Saddest thing I’ve had to do.


Looks like a suchotator vs majundasuchus fight is just another dream within a dream within a dream

My request keep getting ignored and when i post a jwa battle myself it keeps getting flagged as innapropriate why!?!

Im so sad and disaapointed by the fact that i there won’t be anyone writing a suchotator vs majundasuchus fight anytime soon