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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 9 Koolabourgiana vs. Stygidaryx

Here’s # 9, 1. Koolabourgiana vs. Stygidaryx

Koolabourgiana Stats:

Size: 20 feet (Height), 75 feet (Wingspan)
Weight: 2,700 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 6000 Psi

Stygidaryx Stats:

Size: 25 feet (Height), 65 feet (Wingspan)
Weight: 2500 Ibs
Diet: Omnivore

The Koolabourgiana is sitting on the top of a canyon, looking for her next opportunity. It sees a Stygidaryx scanning for the cacti it usually eats. The Koolabourgiana takes no hesitation and dives at the Stygidaryx and manages to pin him down. The Stygidaryx fights back with beak Peck of 4500 Psi on the Koolabourgiana’s wing. The Koolabourgiana feels this peck of pain and let’s go of the Stygidaryx. The Stygidaryx continues trying to peck on the Koolabourgiana again, this time in the head, but the Koolabourgiana retaliates with a talon scratch to the Stygidaryx eye. With the Stygidaryx distracted, the Koolabourgiana takes the chance and grabs the Stygidaryx by the neck. She then shows him a bite of pain. She uses the bite force of 6000 Psi. She breaks the neck, breaks the spine, and ends the life of the male Stygidaryx. She then feeds on his dead body

Winner: Koolabourgiana

Next Battle: Sarcorixis vs. Spinoconstrictor


I wish I could see this fight in the sky

oh hey look I’m next! But why do I feel like I’m gonna lose…