Dinosaur ideas for Jurassic World Alive

Hi. These are my dinosaur and hybrid ideas for JWA. You can add your ideas too. My first idea is from Jurassic Park 3. I thought corythosaurusimage

The next one was made by snakedude and someone else who had the same idea. And I also gave the corythosaurus a fusion with troodon. Please share your ideas too.


Yes i like corythosaurus.
Sadly,the hadrosaurideas underperform in the arena currently.

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visible confusion
what is a “saurisciasaurus”?
I looked it up…no response

I think they should name it something else

Like Sauroposeidon

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Why 2300 atk

I updated the compy and made a gen 2


Any ideas?

Which one was your favorite
  • Corythosaurus
  • Corythodon
  • Compsoghanthus
  • Ankylotherium
  • Oviraptor

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Fun fact sauroposeidon is a real dino
Name sauroposeidon proteles

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RIP Mortem and T-rex, A small dino with 2300 attack :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
But the updated version is nice.

how is it apex if its a real dinosaur?
and how’s it fierce-resilient

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Sorry but til now! The Apex rarity are only for Alienosauros or Outospacesauridae :))))