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Dinosaur Jokes Thread

Lets get a dinosaur jokes thread started shall we? as arena causes rage, lets get some happiness happening!

Q: What did the dinosaur say to the boosted Thor?
A: Thump!

Love to hear some from the community =D


Dracoceratops-I fear nothing, but that thing I feaaaaa
Thoradorbreaks into recording room-yummys for my tummy!!


Hahah =D

insert coherent sentense

dracoceratops… the third wheel that nobody invites :grin:


Here is another why did the silo only appear in JP1, because he dinobeates after eating Nedry.


Sorry for the grammar and miss spelling

q: why couldnt the draco lay the stegodeus??

a: it had to much armor :joy:


Q: What did Stiffeno say to the tournament champion?


q: what did the regened draco say to the thor??

a: catch ya later

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last cheesy joke i promise…

q: what does tryostronix say to all the ladies??

a: ready to crush??


Q: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?
A: A dino-snore!

Q: How do you know if there is a dinosaur in your refrigerator?
A: The door won’t shut!

Q: What dinosaur would Harry Potter be?
A: The Dinosorcerer

Q: How can you best raise a baby dinosaur?
A: With a crane!

Q: What did the dinosaur put on her steak?
A: Dinosauce

Q: Why was the Stegosaurus such a good volleyball player?
A: Because he could really spike the ball!

Q: What came after the dinosaur?
A: Its tail!

Q: What does a triceratops sit on?
A: Its tricera-bottom.

Q: What do dinosaurs use on the floors of their kitchens?
A: Rep-tiles

Q: What is the best thing to do if you see a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
A: Pray that it doesn’t see you.

Q: What’s the nickname for someone who put their right hand in the mouth of a T-Rex?
A: Lefty

Q: What game does the brontosaurus like to play with humans?
A: Squash

Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
A: To eat the chickens on the other side.

Q: What do you call a paleontologist who sleeps all the time?
A: Lazy bones


I do have a joke about what do you call a gay dinosaur, akin to the “DoYouThinkHeSaurus” joke, but I don’t think it will be allowed on here.

Once upon a time on July 5 2019 in a grassy area…
Indoraptor- hello to 2019 annual dinosaur convention. Now does anyone have questions,
Pachy- Indo can I disown my son
Indo-of course, do we have any other questions, going once, twice
Smiledon- I would like to notify the public that mistakes were
Indo-of course Ms smilodon we
Erlikosaurus- excuse me but do I have to be in this week’s special dinosaur group or any.
Indo-yes of course you do like every one else. Now continuing on like last year we will have a game to see who will get buffs for the rest of this and next year. This year we will play Dino unknowns battle grounds.
Erlikospinx-what if we play fortnight
Carnotaurus-well I am clash of clans player
Indom- i feel like I should go on a rampage
Nodopatosaurus- please don’t
Indo-then shut up, in this game, to win you must be the last standing dino,
Rat-way ahead of yuuu
Indo- now DC, every one actually, in this game you must knock over your opponents by killing them or pushing them over. When fallen over you are out. And disqualified to be buffed. Is everything clear?
Smilolpha- why am I being disowned
Indo- everyone hates your design. Then let’s start!
Thor devours DC whole does this count Indo.
Indo stabbed by monostegotop
Thor- I guess It does.
Lythornax the 27th stands at the edge of green area
Utahsino-time to kill you push over.
Lyth the 27th- Mommy!!!
Lord lyth appears out of nowhere appearing to be a helicopter parent yes sweetie.
Lyth the 27th- Utahsino was going to kill me.
Utahsino- I disagree with little lyth here about what was spoken.
Lord lyth *rips utahsino body in half with her arms.
Everyone gasps
Lord lyth-how dare you not defend by baby in this convention.
Rexy-i got cookies if you want to talk about it.
Lord lyth appears visibly disgusted by Rexy’s proposal I will eat everyone here for not protecting my baby.
Pryotator jumps on to lyth the 27th and kills her
Everyone is silent
Lord lyth- I’m going to kill all of you
Everyone except indom, thor, DC twin sister who is also a rat, tyrko,dilorach runs for the hills
A intense fight ensues in which only DC and Indom and Thor survives
DC-I guess we three get buffed.
Thor gobbles DC wholeyummys for my tummy.
And that children is how the 2019 dino convention went.


Q. What dinosaur is the hardest one to find?

A. The Nobodysaurus

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Thoradolosaur, God of Thunder

Dracoceratops, God of Mischief

Jurassic World Alive: The Dark Arena


I found some of these online. :blush:

Q: What do you call a dinosaur with a extensive vocabulary? A: a thesaurus.

Q: What did the female dinosaur call her blouse making business? A: Try Sara’s Tops

Q: What is a dinosaurs least favorite reindeer? A: Comet.

Q: What do you call a dinosaurs fart? A: “A blast from the past” (I’m not into fart jokes, but I thought it was kind of funny)




I actually like really corny jokes. :blush:

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Q: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl using the bathroom?
A: Because the ‘p’ is silent


Q: What is Tim Murphy favorite dinosaur?
A: A “DoYouThinkI’llPanic Lex”

Q: What dinosaur has a degree in Proctology?
A: MegaSoreArse