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Dinosaur LAB (buy what you want!)

I want to suggest a new main interface, where people can modify their dinosaurs´ look. been able to buy different skin for each dinosaur, or genetc modifiation like more thorns, make their horns larger or shorter make their teeth larger, have the oportunity to choose between feather skin or reptile skin (by buying), been able to buy chains in their neck or legs, even silly things like hats, it will be fun and thats the point. people not only go to lvl 30 dinosaurs they will be able to customize them and have more fun.
only appearance of the dinosaur.
You know, more money for YOU more fun for US. a symbiotic relationship.


I actually really like this idea! I feel like more specific changes to the models like larger horns or larger teeth would be too much for them to do for every creature in the game. Also, it would suck if you could only get these things by paying real money, but maybe make them purchasable via bucks? And maybe VIP members will get exclusive items.


Yes! it would be great cosmetics for dinos, we could also do funny screens

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It seems ok, but to make it more scientific, maybe when we evolve creatures, they will vary slightly in look

Science has no place in Jwa, but aside from that I don’t see how they might change the appearance 30 times for so many creatures.

Maybe just a few options, thought it’ll still be difficult considering we have 264 creatures and there’s most likely still many more on the way.

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I like this idea, especially that hat idea! But the question is, how would some pterosaurs wear hats? :thinking:

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I’m all for adding cosmetics to the game, even ones you have to pay for. If it helps them make money and doesn’t actually affect battles (beyond maybe not recognizing a particular dino), I could get behind it. I’m not sure how practical it is though, and I’d rather do just plain skin variations than altering the actual models or giving them hats or something like that.

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This idea is genius. I would love it in the game!

Hmmmm, Mabye there can be a little gap for the fin/ spike or whatever there is on dimodactylus’s head?

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I think that different Dino Skins to choose from would be really cool.

Or being able to customize different items to put on your dinos, like monocles or hats;)

And I think it would be cool to name the dinos too!

I just think in general we could use more cosmetic things to do with dinos! That would be fun and make my dino feel more unique.

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I love this idea I realy think there should be cosmetics I the game I’m just imagining a indom with a top hat and monocle

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I know… I want that really bad!!