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Dinosaur Migration?


Hi All,

I am noticing a bunch of Dinosaurs that were not previously around me are showing up in masses. I used to see many Eupho’s and Stego. I am now seeing (useless) Iguanadon. I also saw a Spinosaurus where another rare used to spawn.

Anyone else see anything different?


I’m still seeing the same dinos, but honestly I’d like to get a migration just to be able to get something different😂


I noticed that a few dinosaurs from other habitat zones are spawning now where they would usually not spawn.


Some changes do happen but not like Pokemon Go where every couple weeks they change spawns and push a notification to you letting you know it is occurring.

I just wish something else would spawn near me instead of Dracorex Gen 2 and Ankyosaurus Gen 2 carcass class.


I noticed a couple weeks ago that there were specific stops that started frequently spawning things from other zone areas. Otherwise I’m in what is called Local 1 with all the same stuff, minus those few spots.

I’m really wishing for a major migration now that it is September. It’s real bad because I work in a Local 1 zone also. I have Lythronax DNA coming out of my ears along with Euoplocephaus.

I would really like to be Local 4 for a while.


Yes, you were the victim of a migration that happened in 1.3 just like i was, praying for another one soon so no more iguanodon


We can switch if you want XD I need Megaolsauro and Sinoceratopo soooooo bad !

Btw, living in local 4, I see lots of Allosauro, Sucomino, Parassaurolofo, Giraffatitan and so on, but I saw a little Diplocaulo the other day… Mmmmmmm this is strange, but very welcome! So when I am at home, I have a possibility to catch something different! :wink:


Im a local 3, the worst area for 2 months now, nothing here is worth except monolophosaurus and elrikosaurus who spawn so rarely. They could swap areas each month or something cause is unfair in this way


There’s going to be another migration this month, which will include the Brachiosaurus.


How can you tell what local you are in?


I know I live in local zone 4 cause I see all the common dinos of that zone. Check this and see what kind of dinos you usually see when you are at home:

Then you can figure out in which local zone you are.
This is more important when you go out of your usual hunting zone so, for example, if you need Sinoceratopo and seeing that she spawns in local 1, when you see some Euplocefalo, Litronace and Purrusauro then you need to wander in that zone to see if you are lucky enough to get a Sinoceratopo spawning when you are there.


I’m also L4 :smiley: But I haven’t seen Ankylosaurus for weeks :sob:


No migration around here but I wouldn’t mind if it happened. Charlie is nearly as common as the Common Velociraptor. I was still leveling her up in hopes… well I don’t really know why lol

I stop darting her after I get her 10 times each night

She always spawns within 4 blocks from my house.


I don’t find Iguanodon to be useless! I find him actually quite sturdy and useful!


No migration here at all same dinos as always most of them useless


The next migration is supposed to happen with/ after the 1.4 update.


Waiting patiently for a herd of T Rexes to show up…in a very slow trickle. I’ve only seen ONE wild one near the movie theatre near me but that was it and that’s like a 45 minute bike ride from my house. ;~;

I have all the same dinos. Murder Chicken (can’t remember her name, starts with a D), crocodiles (sarco, kapro, the other one), apatos, parasaurs are starting to invade though. Velociraptors at night, Tarbos, Allos.

I would like a migration but I’m fine as is, especially to keep the Velociraptors until I can get her to level 15 and then get a bunch of dna.


Okay I think I did get a migration. Velociraptors are global, my bad. lol Anyways, the rare velociraptor that I would see more than the others was Delta but now I’m finding Echo.

That or I’m right on the edge of two zones because I do see several of the local zone dinos near me every now and then.


I live in near a small park with an outstanding THREE event spawns. I think I also live in L1. I would love to have a migration, as I don’t want any more lythronax.


I’ve only seen one Dino out of pattern that was Delta in an Echo zone. Wasn’t the event.

Definitely no migration here yet.

I really want to play the new 1.4 way. Hoping the migration gives me those Dino’s.


i think so. ive seen alot of ouran and spino today