Dinosaur movies for kids too young for JW


Hey all, just thought I would let you in on two overlooked films (in general) that parents with dino-loving kids who are too young for the scares in JP/JW series can show - and they are more or less scientifically accurate!

Try Disney’s “Dinosaur” from 2000, a film about life after the Chixalub impact, and yes - it has Carnotaurus in it…

Or there’s “Walking With Dinosaurs 3D” from 2013, which centers on the adventures of a young Pachyrhinosaur who is the runt of his herd, and how he becomes a hero.

I just downloaded them for my sister’s kids, and I think they’ll definitely get a kick out of them. There are a few bits in both that are sorta scary, but nothing over the top.

Have fun!


Land Before Time movie series


Those are okay, but sadly… a bit dated.


Myself, I love a good Ray Harryhausen film, like “Valley of Gwangi”, or any of the Godzilla series (except the one from 1998. That one was “Ferris Buhler meets an emo iguana”)


Amazon Prime has a series called Dino Dana that absolutely captivated my two-year olds and its semi-scientific too


Good. Maybe we could expand this thread after all…


My little nephew loves the Godzilla series, especially since to him it’s about a fire-breathing T-rex that knocks down buildings and fights with other monsters.

I’ll have to come back later and let you know what the verdict is with Walking With Dinosaurs 3D. Happyelf, that is a good suggestion! Most folks (myself included) still don’t have the extra cash handy to make something like Amazon Prime feasible. But I’m sure that if it gets a big enough following, they could release the series on DVD.


“March of the Dinosaurs” is another good one. Scientifically accurate, right down to the feathered Troodons, Gorgos, and Albertosaurs.

As an aside, it’s fun to know that the Gorgosaur was an arctic tyrannosaur…


Land Before Time will never be dated. Plus they still release a new movie every few years.


LBT… Dated. And I haven’t seen any new release of one of those since the early 2000s. The only place you’re likely to find them is in the local wal-mart’s 5 dollar videos bin. I work retail, so I know what comes out and when.

There hasn’t been a new Land Before Time in god knows how long. Dated.


Journey of the Brave came out in 2016.
But it is fine if the series are not your relatives’ cup of tea.


Myself, I prefer showing more realistic movies to my sister’s kids. They’re pretty smart. If I showed them the Land Before Time series, they’d leave the room in boredom.

Don Bluth may have had theatrical hits with American Tail and Land Before Time (and to a lesser degree, The Secret of NiMH), but he pretty much abandoned his creations after they went direct-to-video, choosing to “produce” the shows, instead of actually overseeing their making. He just sits back, letting others do the work while he reaps the rewards (Kinda like the reason he left Disney. He left them because of production staff that treated animators like slave labor - now he’s the one cracking the whip).

You can like his three theatrically released movies - all the sequels to each series were made cheaply (think TV animation - low budget TV animation - that doesn’t use the same animation techniques as the original movies) - or not, but if Paleontologist Jack Horner backed away from the Land Before Time series after the 2nd sequel because Don Bluth never took any of the scientific advice he was hired to provide, it’s not gonna be fun to watch at all.

Besides, I’m comfortably certain that if faced with the threat of starvation, imminent disembowelment by predators, or any other life-threatening event, that a hatchling/yearling/obviously dwarf Apatosaur would NOT break into a song and dance number. (Seriously, it’s been how long since the first one got released? Littlefoot should be a sub-adult by now, but he’s still the same size. I call either severe dwarfism or complete and utter bull-pucks.)


We have a list of new release DVDs every month. This Journey of the Brave never showed up on the list at all, was never on the endcap display for new release movies. I’ve been with Meijer since 2016, and when those movies show up, they come in from a re-distribution center to get thrown into the “bargain bin” with a markdown to $5 or less. (Which is probably why I had to look that particular movie up on the system at work. Looks like people are getting tired of “all-singing! All dancing!” series like this one. From what I can see, it hasn’t even been selling well at all - even at $5 - to justify them making another one)

It might have been released in 2016, but apparently Universal realized that the series had ceased to make any profit, and all copies in their distribution centers were price-slashed.