Dinosaur New Years Party!

What do dinosaurs do when we’re not looking at New Years Eve? Here’s what I think…

(PS, I know It’s not new years)

Skoonasaurus - I’m taller than all of you, so I’m obviously more superior.
Indotaurus - Doubtful.
Troodoboa - Anyone want some fried goat?
Indotaurus - Yeah!!!
Dracoceratops - I’ll try some!!!
Skoonasaurus - I thought you were herbivore?
Dracoceratops - But I have Swap In Shattering Rampage.
Troodoboa - Yeah like two years ago…
Dracoceratops - But I thought that fierce creatures are carnivores and I’m fierce so I can eat goat.

The doorbell rings…

Indoraptor and Diorajasaur - Hello everybody!!!
Dracoceratops - Hello! Want some fried goat?
Indoraptor - No thank you. I’m on a vegan diet.
Everybody - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Indoraptor - What?
Diorajasaur - Um, nothing.
Skoonasaurus - Yeah, nothing.
Diorajasaur - What time is it?
Troodoboa - 8:37. Why?
Diorajasaur - It’s because Spinoconstrictor, Albertospinos, and Monomimus are coming digitally.
Indotaurus - Why Monomimus???
Diorajasaur - Because Testacornibus is being hunted down the FBI currently…


Troodoboa - Who the heck is that!?
Testacornibus - You’ve gotta help! I’m being chased down by the FBI!!
Indotaurus - You know the door is unlocked right?
Testacornibus - I know, But smashing a door with a chainsaw is a better entrance.
Diorajasaur - Guys Albertospinos is coming on!!!
Albertospinos - Is that Testa!? I’m pretty sure he is the criminal in the world!!!
Testacornibus - Yup, Why ask?
Albertospinos - I am part of the FBI fool!
Testacornibus - I see a chase scene in the future…
Albertospinos (On Radio)- I have found the criminal. I repeat, I have found the criminal. Sending units…
Testacornibus - Hey Troodoboa, you got a jackhammer?
Troodoboa - Ok, you are in no way allowed to drill a hole through the ground with a jackhammer.
Testacornibus - I’ll take that as a yes…

The doorbell rings…

Scorpius Rex, Scorpius Rex Gen 2, and Scorpius Rex Gen 3 - Hello everybody!!!
Dracoceratops - Hello! Want some fried goat?
Scorpius Rex - No thank you, me and my brothers ate some fish while we were coming in.
Scorpius Rex Gen 3 - Got any fried goat?
Troodoboa - There is one in the microwave right now.
Diorajasaur - Why microwave when you have oven?
Troodoboa - I makes it taste better.
Diorajasaur - How does that make it taste better?
Scorpius Rex Gen 2 - What’s that drilling sound?
Troodoboa - Wait, what!? He’s using a jackhammer in MY house? He’s gonna damage my precious rug!
Scorpius Rex Gen 2 - ???
Indotaurus - You don’t really want to know…

The doorbell rings…

Skoonasaurus - What chaos will come this time…
Dracoceratops - I know right?
Scorpius Rex Gen 3 - Yeah…
Parasaurthops, Hadros Lux, and Tryostronix - Happy New Year people!!!
Dracoceratops - Hey at least it wasn’t somebody insane like

The doorbell rings…

Parasaurthops - Why Turnips?
Monomimus - Because -CHEW- they’re -CHEW- delicious.
Troodoboa - I finally got Testa to stop drilling so everything is fine!
Indotaurus - The countdowns on guys!!!

Everybody - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The doorbell rings…

Velociraptor - Hey guys I finally made it after my fourteen day flight! When’s the countdown?
Troodoboa - Well…



Didn’t indoraptor already show up? Nvm anyway it was very good and I think you should make more holidays


Both are being worked on.

Which holiday?

  • Valentines Day
  • Super Bowl
  • Christmas
  • April Fools Day
  • Thanksgiving

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I would say the others but, valentines would probably be the most funny

Also I have a suggestion for the Christmas one. Have phorurex be gifted bleed in some way. It would be funny because it’s true.

But I think Valentines, I say it would be comical watching different hybrids asking each other out

Sure, If the votes say Christmas. But If it’s Super Bowl then Indoraptor gets a football to the head. If it’s Thanksgiving Phorurex will be hunted down by dinosaurs looking for a turkey.


Btw why was everyone confused by indoraptor on a vegan diet? Is it because he terrorized Lockwood estate?

ApRIl FoOlS DAy is next.

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Well that was unexpected lol :joy:

I guess there are dinosaurs celebrating my birthday too :joy:



Hilarious as well…

Exactly lol

I prefer all tho

Guys I made the April Fools episode. I’m thinking of making a series after the Super Bowl and Christmas episode

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Nice idea i like it