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Dinosaur of the Day #1 - Alankylosaurus


This is the first post in what I plan to be an every other day post to discuss specific dinosaurs. I’ll do this in alphabetical order for ease. Hopefully we can make these posts a good place to share ideas and suggestions for new players and Ludia too.

First off, we have the dinosaur/pterosaur hybrid Alankylosaurus.

Fusion of Pterosaur and ankylosaurid DNA ha given this flying hybrid uniquely strong defences.

Base DNA: Alanqa and Ankylosaurus Gen 2.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Rarity: Legendary.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 900.
Speed: 114
Defence: 30%
Critical chance: 5%

Long Invincibility.
Short Defense.
Superiority Strike.
Swap-in Invincibility.

So, thoughts on this hybrid pterosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Great indominus counter but attack is just too low unless extremely high leveled but Alanqua is never seen so there is that …


Great Drac g2 bait

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I have only faced Alankylosurus a couple times in the Arena and every time it has been used to ruin my Indominus. The swap-in invincibility is a nice ability and a real nuisance to play against. I agree about the damage but then it seems to be the swap-in that you want it for rather than damage.

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Ludia clipped its wings before it could ever get off the ground. The special events surrounding its intro gave everyone a chance to create her. But 95% of players could do nothing to evolve her with her component locker in the Aviary arena. Now with the age of the DOT, nullifiers and shield breakers, I am not sure how effective she will be. If I could get her to lev 25+, would love to try her for a while. But too many other dinos that are easier to level up.


So let’s look at this a different way. How would you improve it but maintain game balance for it’s rarity and team role?

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I think you should clarify, Alankylosaurus is not a Dinosaur, it is a Dinosaur and Pterosaur Hybrid. Hybrids aren’t even dinosaurs in the first place, considering what Owen said in Jurassic World. I get that you’re doing this to showcase them to new players, but atleast educate people to what is a Dinosaur and what isn’t.

I do know the difference but for the purposes of this the game just uses dinosaur as a generic term. But if you think it’s worth including I’ll do so.

Unless I am misunderstanding you, which is a thought just crossing my mind. This isn’t for discussion of any actual prehistoric animal but for discussion of the animal for game play purposes.

@Colin_Goodman Could you add pronunciation guides to these? Or perhaps just one post with all of them? That would be awesome. :grin:

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Mine has been stuck at level 19 forever… Although the swap in invincibility is a good feature, its low health and lackluster attack have kept it on the bench…

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That’s not a bad idea although on some hybrids it’ll be a guess. I’ll add them when I get a chance later.

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I agree with you. Mine has been stuck in lvl 17 and benched. Yesterday i finally found a purpose for him: he contributed significantly to winning the gold strike tower against the lvl 30 dilorano and lvl 30 diloracheirus. I might include him now more in future strike towers depending enemie dinos

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Think it may be useful at some point in time… Managed to upgrade to level 20, shortly after my post, cause I got some Alanqa DNA from an incubator… Still an option, but for the long-term.

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Pocemon is working in a video series addressing this issue


Update 1.7 modifies Alankylosaurus by reducing it’s health down from 4200 to 3990. An odd downgrade considering pterosaurs are quite weak anyway.

Does Alan still have a place in the meta? It was an inclusion for nearly everyone I think as a counter for Indominus but I haven’t seen anywhere near as many in the Arena lately.


It will still die if battleling chompers

Exactly, and that may be why people have stopped playing it as much. That and maybe the Indominus isn’t being played as much?

Wrong, in the arena I’m at (which is Sorna marshes) I see lots of people who are using indominus between lvl 19 to lvl 22

I’m in the Sorna Marshes (again!) as well, but I don’t see Indominus or Alankylosaurus anywhere near as much as I used to.