Dinosaur of the Day #10 - Ankyntrosaurus



This heavily armoured horned lizard is a gentle giant. Along with its defensive spikes, it inherited herd behaviour from the kentrosaurus. It grazes in groups larger than any other Ankylosaur.

Base DNA: Ankylosaurus and Kentrosaurus.
Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 5100.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 115.
Defense: 30%
Critical Chance: 5%

Nullifying Strike.
Instant Invincibility.
Instant Distraction.

DNA used for: Trykosaurus.

So, thoughts on this hybrid dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


It’s a good tank, I’m personally going for Ankylosaurus’s other hybrid, Rajakylosaurus which will then be used for Diorajasaur. After I get Rajakylosaurus I’ll probably get this one. Also why does it get nullifying strike? If I recall correctly, Ankylosaurus nor Kentrosaurus get any nullify abilities. Weird…


I’ve had this hybrid for quite a while now and every time I have used it It has been a complete waste of space. It dies to another that munches armour and shields, and it never seems to put out enough damage. Not sure where Metahub get the idea that Ankyntrosaurus is an Alpha level animal. I find my experiences odd as it seems a fair few seem to rave about it.


It can be a pain to deal with when used properly. Mine is at a level 20 and I have dispatched many a raptor with the instant distract and instant invincibility. While the counter-attack isn’t as good as raja, I like bringing it in after a bleeder (optimal when I can swoop into it) to delay the fight while they bleed out.


I never thought of the benefit of using in conjunction with a bleeder, that’s great! It’s been prior to 1.5 since mine has seen any action.


I used it in the scary epic strike tower last weekend and it worked perfectly. It also works well when you can switch to it after draco2 to break them down a little bit more before bringing draco back in for clean up.