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Dinosaur of the Day #101 - Pyrritator


Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Omega.
Health: 3300.
Damage: 1400.
Speed: 129
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Can be created by using DNA from: Pyroraptor and Irritator.
DNA can be used for: Magnapyritor.

Armour Piercing Impact.
Armour Piercing Strike.
Distracting Rampage.
Ready to Crush.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


A very good raptor hybrid but one that I’ll probably never get to use as I can’t get the Pyroraptor DNA to level it up high enough for the rest of my team.

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I unlocked him, used him, and benched him.
Nothing much for me.
Another legendary dino, pretty easy to get depending on which zone you’re in.

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Low HP, no high damage moves on turn 1, as per last patch. Should’ve seen a speed increase to 130 so she could be an option to combat the entire group of 129 creatures which dominate the meta right now and even then she wouldn’t be very good. Nobody would level it above 20 anyways but it would still be a good option when you face too many 129s.

She’s sadly just a stepping stone towards Magna now.


Exactly. On paper it looks good but by the time you unlock this one you’ve already good better options. This sadly is the way with JWA at the higher tiers of the Arena.


This thing was a beast when it had distracting rampage turn one. And if you can time RTC just right it can plow through a whole team. It is really hurt by all the slowing dinos, however, and it’s low turn one damage did not do it any favors. I think a bump of speed to 130 would really make it viable again and let it outpace all the 129 dinos running around.


Yep, exactly. It got butchered by the Utarinex rebalance, when before it was one of the best raptors.

Now it’s mediocre at best. I rather have a Charlie than this thing at this point.

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Yeah, I can vouch for Pyrri.

Before 1.6, Pyrri could put someone’s health down to nearly half with DR, and survive two more turns before either killing the opponent, or dying. If I was able to pull off a RtC, she’d dang near destroy a whole team if there were no Alankys or Alanqa flying around.

She’d even put a Stegod’s health down to manageable levels if played right. Now, she can’t even hope to combat anyone that isn’t a chomper - Allisino wasn’t too much of a problem before 1.6, but now, I fear it everytime the matchup happens.

My Pyrri is at level 19, and I actually planned on leveling her up higher, but now with 1.6 underway, I can’t even hope to have her around… Not even for the Friendly battles thanks to everyone and their mama having Allisino or Thor.

Pyrri was my Velociraptor - striking fear into anyone who underestimated her class and identity as a raptor. Now, she truly acts the part of a frail and situational dinosaurs, as a raptor.

It sucks so bad. I am nowhere near getting close to making Magna, so she’s gonna be left out for quite a while. Such a shame too.


It would be cool if our little girl got an other move change.


Perhaps a small attack nerf to balance the 3 turn Rampages.
But dont forget, this way she is less tanky.
But i dont think a raptor should survive forever anyway.


I already have it but I still need 4 more levels to begin with “NOVA”