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Dinosaur of the Day #104 - Rajasaurus



Rajasaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 65-70 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in India in the early 1980s and was subsequently named by Jeff Wilson in 2003. The name of this dinosaur means “king of lizards”, so named because of the impressive crest on this dinosaur’s head.

Rajasaurus was about 30 feet long, about 10 feet tall and weighed approximately a ton. This large therapod was carnivorous and hunted sauropods that were small enough for it to eat. Which means that it probably hunted some of the juvenile members of various herbivore species and may have even scavenged the remains of already dead dinosaurs.

An interesting fact about Rajasaurus is that it is a therapod with head ornamentation. This is fascinating because therapods in North America lost their head crests as they evolved into more advanced dinosaurs. However, it appears that these dinosaurs in India developed head crests as they evolved.

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Omega.
Health: 4020.
Damage: 1050.
Speed: 104
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

DNA can be used for: Rajakylosaurus.

Extended Critical Strike.
Long Protection.
Pinning Strike.
Counter Attack (1).

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


I used to have this guy in the lower arenas.
Pull this dude out with critical on, and it would be a nightmare for the enemy. Now hes useless because of his low damage. His hybrid is alright, but not much better.

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I made a topic about rajasaurus awhile ago!

Concavenator vs Rajasaurus

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I have it but never use it as it’s too low level and I can’t get DNA for it. Right now I want it just to make the hybrid.


Ah Bananasaurus, I always find a way to use this one on friendly battles with my little brother, I just love counter attackers I guess. Mines is only level 15 and all his DNA is going to his Hybrid.

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I’ve used Rajasaurus a couple of times in the lower Arenas, and when she crits, she can easily chew through an enemies team. Sadly, her viability diminishes as you progress further up in the Arena IMO, and it doesn’t seem like even her Hybrid has a place in the current meta at the moment.

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My second favourite carnivore but unfortunately his damage is quite low.

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I also have never used this dinosaur but I do enjoy how it always has a surprised look in it’s profile picture.

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I need more of it to complete my diorajasaurus. I’ve got plenty of ankylo just not raja.

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Incoming drawing


Whenever I drop down, I always use Rajasaurus. Whilst not very good in the later arenas, I do like to use this dinosaur when I can.

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I do not remember ever using Raja in lower arenas. I think I never had enough DNA to make it team worthy at the time. The Legendary and Unique hybrids do fit the current meta. I have both at 22 and they just do not do enough damage. Too many faster crunchers & bleeders, and there are much faster tanks, so you can at least get that first hit in.

I have them both on the team from time to time, but they are usually my last choice of the chosen 4 to use. I am hoping the next meta change will give them a slot on the team.

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The 1.7 update reduced Raja’s health down from 4020 to 3960.