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Dinosaur of the Day #109 - Secodontosaurus



Secodontosaurus (meaning “cutting-tooth lizard”), an extinct genus of “pelycosaur” synapsid that lived from between about 285 to 270 million years ago during the Early Permian. Like the well known Dimetrodon, Secodontosaurus is a carnivorous member of the Eupelycosauria family Sphenacodontidae and has a similar tall dorsal sail. However, its skull is long, low, and narrow, with slender jaws that have teeth that are very similar in size and shape—unlike the shorter, deep skull of Dimetrodon (“two-measure tooth”), which has large, prominent canine-like teeth in front and smaller slicing teeth further back in its jaws. Its unusual long, narrow jaws suggest that Secodontosaurus may have been specialized for catching fish or for hunting prey that lived or hid in burrows or crevices. Although no complete skeletons are currently known, Secodontosaurus likely ranged from about 2 to 2.7 metres (7 to 9 ft) in length, weighing up to 110 kilograms (250 lb).

Fossils of Secodontosaurus have been found in Texas in North America in the Wichita and the Clear Fork groups of Early Permian formations. In recent years, teams from the Houston Museum of Natural Science have recovered remains in the Clear Fork Red Beds of North Texas that appear to be new specimens of Secodontosaurus. These discoveries are mentioned in online blogs but so far have not been formally described.

The name Secodontosaurus comes from Latin seco “to cut” + Greek odous (odont-) “tooth” + Greek sauros “lizard” and is based on the anatomical term “secodont” for teeth with cutting edges designed to tear or slice flesh. Paleontologist Robert Bakker has dubbed Secodontosaurus the “fox-faced finback” after its long jaws.

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Survivour.
Health: 3200.
Damage: 1340.
Speed: 114
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Critical Impact.
Defence Shattering Strike.
Defence Shattering Rampage.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`

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On paper Secodontosaurus looks nice but my experience was that it didn’t perform well enough to be kept on the team. Other high damage shieldbreakers/armour eaters outperform it, although another dinosaur with immunity is always nice.


Could never get this dinosaur to work for me. Have seen it a few times in the arena, went down easily each time.

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I used to have him on my team. Very short lived. He was another dimetrodon.
Would love for him to get a hybrid.
Maybe Baryonyx and Secodonto?


I’ve always like Secondo but it just never was able to keep up. Have 10k DNA ready for the hybrid


I really like Secodontosaurus, it’s just too frail to take a hit, I wish Ludia would buff his HP up some, and maybe change Critical Impact to Extended Crit Chance.

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I could never get any love from it.

Its HP is more like a raptor but it lacks that speed. It has a nice bite, and immunity is always a plus, but it needs work. More HP and some armor to help it hold up.

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Yeah one of my favorite dinos but its really lacking power or health, possibly both. Good dino design though. Funny to see others have the exact view I did on this dino. Should definitely get a buff or hybrid!


The consensus appears to be that this dino never comes in… first…


I liked Secodontosaurus, running into so many dinosaurs with stun I was happy to see this on my team. However, with it’s low life it did not stay on my team for too long.

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One of the most worthless epics available in the game… Good for nothing and always pops up when you use an epic scent in L2, looking for Ouranosauros… Should either be given a usable hybrid or completely retired…

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Its low health and speed make it a no go. I have it at 22 and put it on teams of level 20 epics and it is still one of the worst performers. There are other better immunes.

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I wouldn’t retire anything but when some dinosaurs become (or are) substandard as the game goes along, there should be a hybrid created so that DNA has a home to go to.

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Incoming drawing

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The 1.7 update increased her damage from 1340 to 1500. Basic Attack becomes Definite Strike .

That is a nice boost. I think other dinosaurs will still outperform it, but a welcome boost all the same.