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Dinosaur of the Day #115 - Spinotasuchus


Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 3750.
Damage: 1270.
Speed: 129
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

Created by DNA from: Spinotahraptor and Kaprosuchus.

Critical Impact.
Lethal Wound.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`


I’m still working on this one and it’ll be a long time before I can complete it.

I face it a lot in the Arena though and it is quite a tough cookie to face. It’s another one based on bleed attacks though which by this point has gotten a little bit boring.


I’m still working on him aswell.
I’m not much of a night player so I have to rely on events for kapro.
I’m trying to get some bleed on my team, because I cant see enough of them in the arenas.

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I haven’t actually made this thing yet! I’m a huge fan of Gorgosuchus, so leveling Kaprosuchus always seemed like a stupid concept! :sweat_smile:

That said, Spinotasuchus sounds like it could be quite useful! The speed advantage it has over Suchotator is painfully obvious, and I must admit to being a fan of Critical Impact as an option (yes, even when I’m being hit by it). Maybe one day…


One of my most favourite dinosaurs in the game, and the MVP on my team! It has the speed advantage over an under-levelled Erlidominus, with a chance to take it out with Critical Impact, granted that Erlidominus doesn’t dodge with cloak… :unamused: However, with 2 bleed abilities, Spinotasuchus is useful in almost any team setups.

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Have her and love her. Her design is great, her speed is awesome, and swoop is very useful. The critical impact helps where lethal wound doesn’t.

My only gripe is that, like @Colin_Goodman has said, bleeders are kinda boring (imo) and the low HP means that she doesn’t usually last too long.

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Not that good though, I always manage to kill it in 2 hits


Big blue is level 30. Unless ludia nerfs him he will always have a spot on my team.


The 1.7 update increased Damage from 1270 to 1300.


This dino made an instant impact on my team. It is good to level it up high and I bet some health/attack boosts could help it even more. It is my Thor slayer. Standardly it dies against Thor but it really sets up the next dino to one shot Thor and it forces them to use there priority too.

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When I began to encounter Spinotasuchus, I was terrified of her – speedy, crits like heck, and it could make a getaway and bleed you in the process.

Yeah, it took me a while to make this one, since I never took much of an interest in it, on top of the fact that I was using the DNA for Gorgosuchus. Then the interest hit me like a Critical Impact. With me liking Suchotator so much, I figured why not a faster version of her?

Thus began the journey of leveling up Kapro to level 15. Then the tedious task of hoarding the DNA. And then the gruelling task that was getting Spinotaraptor up to level as well. Needless to say it was a long process :skull::skull::skull:

But I did it! And the first impressions were amazing!