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Dinosaur of the Day #116 - Stegoceratops



Stegoceratops is a genetically modified species of dinosaur, created by Dr. Henry Wu by combining the base genome of Stegosaurus with that of Triceratops. While it isn’t known to have ever been created by InGen, this hybrid did appear in a computer screen in Henry Wu’s laboratory alongside the Indominus rex and two other unidentified hybrids.

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 4650.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 110
Defence: 25%
Critical chance: 5%

Created by DNA from: Triceratops and Stegosaurus.
DNA can be used for : Monostegotops.

Greater Stunning Impact.
Greater Stunning Strike.
Slowing Impact.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`

Dinosaur of the Day #130 - Triceratops

This 'tops was a BEAST before the Minor Stunning Strike nerf. Getting stunned for an entire battle was never fun.

Nowadays I don’t see them that often, although I did play against one a couple of matches back. I stopped leveling mine as soon as I could start to unlock Monostegotops.


This was a staple in my team for the better part of the last year. It was swapped out for Monostegotops when I needed a decent nullifier and it fit the team better than Triceratops. But saying that, Stego was a vital hybrid choice for me.

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This is the flagship hybrid as far as I am concerned, merging two of the most iconic herbivores and creating the o.g. stunlock hybrid… Unfortunately, ppl made it before I did and they made me associate stun locks with rage quits! :sweat_smile:

Now, this is just food for Monostegotops, though that’s more limited by ever finding Monolophosaurus DNA…


Love it. Part of the Tank Crew at level 22. I went one level up with Monosteg to 23 so it could withstand the THUMP from Indo.

This is a no-frills, plain Jane damage machine. It can really dish out the damage, take a beating and slow down most anything it faces. Except for crunchers, but not much will stand up to them. But it can usually withstand that first hit and the insta-charge to put a severe hurting on about anything. Slowing impact, hit them with GSI then GSS, and if they aren’t gone, they are close to it. I have a lot of opponents run after that first Slowing Impact because they know what is coming next. They swap in and get two stuns before they get to hit back. If they swap in an immune, it isn’t going to have much health left after two thumps from Stegotops.

Mine is button ready for 23, just in case.


I can’t think of any other Epic dinos or Hybrids that have been on my team as long as Stegoceratops. She’s been right by my side since I created her and now Monostegotops is continuing her legacy. :hugs:


I love my stegoceratops!
Ever since I got more legendary dinos (and his hybrid, of course), I took him off my team.
I remember when he was considered a boss fight, because of his armor, hp, and the main attraction: stuns.

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Good memories, this one won so many battles for me