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Dinosaur of the Day #117 - Stegodeus


Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 5400.
Damage: 1020.
Speed: 107
Defence: 30%
Critical chance: 5%

Created by DNA from: Nodopatosaurus and Stegosaurus

Short Defence.
Superiority Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`


I used this hybrid for quite a while but ultimately ditched it because I don’t like tanks and even though mine is 20th level I doesn’t appear to be pulling it’s weight anymore. It is probably about right for a certain point in the game.

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Ahh my first Legendary, back when Stegosaurus roamed the maps. “Boris” Is what I call her. Mines is level 20, I still use her as my teams main tank. She’s a decent enough Indominus Rex counter if Alankylosaurus isn’t available. I really still like using Stegod and probably will still use it. She holds a special spot on my heart :heart:


I just upgraded mine to level 25 yesterday. I can’t justify taking her off the team because of her massive health pool and fat damage output. Stegodeus is an excellent Erlidominus counter, and although I’m not seeing many Indominus in Aviary now, it’s still really good at slowing and soaking up damage from uniques. Plus, most people have taken Spinotasuchus off their teams at my trophy level, so bleeding is not a problem.

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Had her on my team for a while at 19, but she used to be the weakest link. I took her off and replaced her with Pyrittator for a laugh, but it’s kinda stuck. I’m sure I’ll put her on my team again, but I’m running out of coins (as usual) and collecting is my priority.

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I used to use this dinosaur a lot, but now I don’t.


Love it. The basic Tank of the game, everything a tank should be. Great health and can really dish out the damage. Even with the likes of Thor and Tenonto out there, it is going to give right back after soaking up a huge hit.

Is it still an end-game Dino? You betcha! It did lose part of its niche in the current meta but is still a very relevant combatant. There are too many easy to level counters for it now, though. I think many also gave up on it due to Stego being park locked and they do not have easy access to level it as they did previously.

I stopped mine at 23 at 4100 Trophies. It can hold its own with anything in this range. I prefer it over a 22 Trago due to the damage output difference. If Trago loses the ability to shield, it really does not have much to hold it up. You can give a stun and Rampage but those crunchers make fast work out of it after that.

Currently, any Stego is better spent on Monosteg, it has a better place in the meta.


Still use it. Carries my team on occasion.

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Part of the reason why I don’t use it is that I tend to face too many armour eaters and shield breakers. It can deal damage but it dies. I prefer more damage dealing at my point now.

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True. And for Draco swap in and the likes of Erlidom, Apato is the better choice.

My Apato took out a 21 Erlidom and 22 Thor for the win. Pinning strike is no joke.


Expect a drawing for this hybrid