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Dinosaur of the Day #124 - Tanycolagreus


Tanycolagreus (“long limb hunter”) has been dubbed a run of the mill kind of Jurassic predator.‭ ‬Small and lightweight,‭ ‬Tanycolagreus probably focused its attentions on hunting smaller dinosaurs that were too difficult for larger predators to live on.‭ ‬However the holotype specimen is of a three meter subadult,‭ ‬with further referred material indicating a size approaching at least four meters long.‭ ‬With this in mind it may be that Tanycolagreus was not restricted to hunting just smaller dinosaurs.

A premaxilla that was originally referred to Stokesosaurus has since been attributed to Tanycolagreus,‭ ‬although some palaeontologists have drawn comparisons between these two dinosaurs with the suggestion that they may be synonymous.‭ ‬Both are of similar size and build,‭ ‬and since the holotype and most complete specimen is of a sub‭ ‬adult,‭ ‬the true adult form may in fact be closer.‭ ‬Also Stokesosaurus is known from incomplete material making proper comparison between it and Tanycolagreus difficult.

Rarity: Common.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1560.
Speed: 130
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Armour Piercing Strike.
Nullifying Impact.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`


Notes from the 1.7 update read…

  • Its attributes have been balanced to take out the Indoraptor if you correctly predict the Indoraptor’s Evasive Stance usage.

I used Tany for a short time probably at the end of last summer but it didn’t stay on my team for long as I could never find the DNA for it and the rest of my team kept leveling. But it’s a good dinosaur, one well worth having.

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Its on my team. Comes in handy against cloak/ evasive heavy teams.

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Hey, it’s Tany


I don’t use this dinosaur, but I do love her nonetheless. I keep stockpiling her DNA in case of a future unique.

In battle, she is surprisingly deadly at higher levels.

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Recently got mine to team level but have not used it yet. We will see if it finds a niche in 1.7!

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Mine is level 20, on my team, should I level him up?


Depends what the rest of you team looks like.


I never used her. I don’t even know what level she is right now I have to check. I preferred V-Raptor as my fast & hard hitting common, nonetheless I do run into level 15-20 Tanys every now and then. Can’t really say much about it :man_shrugging: my little brother is thinking about using his tho.

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I think a lot of players took it purely as an easy way of getting nullification attacks. These days there are a few more out there. I can’t remember the last time I faced Tany in the Arena.

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i wouldnt use this i already have suchotator and edmontoguanodon right now

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Mines level 30 and she certainly isn’t leaving my team any time soon :blush:

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One of the best commons. It’s gonna be the bane of Indo in 1.7.


Mine is level 27. She’s never been on my team, but she’s great for strike events due to speed, damage output, and nullify.


easy claps. Good finisher.


I’ve always loved her even when my alliance are going why on earth do u want to level it to 30 she isn’t worth it :joy:

I proved them wrong she’s awesome.

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post more pls i love reading this


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