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Dinosaur of the Day #125 - Tarbosaurus


Tarbosaurus is a dinosaur that lived in parts of Asia around 65-70 million years ago—during the Late Cretaceous Period. This terrifying dinosaur was first discovered in 1946 during a joint Soviet- Mongolian expedition in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. It was then named Tarbosaurus, a name which means “terrifying lizard.” It is considered by many paleontologists to be the Asian version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

When this huge dinosaur was alive, it measured approximately 40 feet long and weighed around 5 tons. This dinosaur was very similar to the T Rex. Both had giant legs, small arms and huge jaws that had rows of sharp, pointy teeth. The T Rex is a little bigger than Tarbosaurus, but other than that they were pretty similar creatures. T Rex was the apex predator in North America, and Tarbosaurus was the apex predator in Asia. Tarbosaurus was the second largest of the Tyrannosaurids. T Rex was one of the largest of this dinosaur species.

Because of the close similarities between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tarbosaurus, there are a few paleontologists who are speculating that these two dinosaurs were actually one and the same. That perhaps some of them had crossed from Asia to North America. That one might have been evolving into something else. This would most likely mean that Tarbosaurus had crossed a land bridge—most likely the Siberian land bridge—between Asia and North America and eventually evolved into the T Rex, since this dinosaur is much older than Rex was. Of course, this is currently just speculation but it is something to think about.

Rarity: Common.
Metahub Tier: Omega.
Health: 4650.
Damage: 1580.
Speed: 104
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 40%

DNA can be used for: Thoradolosaur.

Armour Piercing Impact.
Defence Shattering Strike.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?`

Dinosaur of the Day #128 - Thoradolosaur

I really like this dinosaur and have leveled mine up to 20th ready to start work on Thor. But even so I like Tarbosaurus because of the decent critical rating and it’s a frequent sight around my town making it easy to collect.


If I remember correctly recent studies have proven Tarbosaurus to be a separate genus. Not only that, but it is now actually placed in the clade Alioramini along with “Pinocchio Rex” (Qianzhousaurus, which is a remarkably stupid and uninteresting name for such a cool dinosaur) and Alioramus.

The reasoning behind this, while Tarbosaurus do look like a T-Rex, and had a similarly menacing size, it’s considerably more agile. Not only that, but there seems to be a “scissor jaw lock” mechanism associated with all three genus (Tarbosaurus, Pinocchio Rex and Alioramus) which isn’t present among the other lineage of Tyrannosaurinae, including T-Rex, Lythronax, Zhunchengtyrannus, Daspletosaurus and Dynamoterror, just to name a few.

The whole “scissor lock” mechanism is apparent if you look at Tarbosaurus’ skull. It has a much more tightly locking jaw structure, regarding the position of the maxilla and the mandible, on top of having much more blade-like teeth.

Experts now claim, that what we see on Tarbosaurus is most likely a convergent Evolution example. The lightbuild Alioramus (it is closer in anatomy to the lighter build Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus than the brutes T-Rex and Lythronax) found itself in an area where the robust Tyrannosaurinae like Zhungengtyrannus were absent. So it took the chance and evolved into the same niche of an alpha apex predator, while still keeping its evolutionary heritage; the more slender skull better at tearing flesh.

It’s a weird opposite of Giganotosaurus and Tyrannotitan; those two are remarkably Tyrannosauridae in appearance, despite being Carcharodontosauridae. Tarbosaurus is the opposite; it is weirdly Giganotosaurinae in look for a Tyrannosaurinae.

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Do you have any papers on the Alioramus-Tarbosaurus lineage?

I have only heard of these new theories in a Paleontology Facebook page, where Thomas Holtz and the likes were discussing it with non-paleontology plebs like me.

And I was stupid enough to not save the source :confused:

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Don’t know why they’re going to nerf my atk in ver.1.7.

That’s totally unnecessary and unfair.:t_rex:
Also, DS IMPACT only get 1 turn cooldown, but AP IMPACT (weaker edition of DS) have 2 turns cooldown?
That doesn’t make sense.:t_rex:


Lythorax. LYTHORAX. I’m just joking.

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Tarbo is one of my favorite early game dinos. But in 1.7 believe it or not, it’s gonna have less attack than Utahsino.

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Thanks @Raven. I did read something about that but it was easier to keep it more condensed.

Cool photos of the skeleton there though. :slight_smile:

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Fun fact: there’s 1 more Tyrannosaur discovered in Asia, “Alectrosaurus”


Alectrosaurus is a much more ancient and distant relative of the other Tyrants.

Alectrosaurus is a TyrannosaurOidae and not a Tyrannosauridae.

It is closer related to Yutyrannus and Moros than T-Rex or Tarbosaurus.


Really love Tarbo. Was my first favorite dino in this game and it just stuck for me, when I first got this dino it was very exciting! I felt so cool lol whew that feels so long ago. I always think of a trex iguana when I think of Tarbo. I don’t understand there nerf at all coming up. Pretty lame.

Interesting posts about Tarbo above


Should I level up my Tarbo


At least until LV20.

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