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Dinosaur of the Day #126 - Tenontorex

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: Apex.
Health: 4500.
Speed: 109.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 20%

Can be created with DNA from: Tyrannolophosaur and Tenontosaurus.

Defence Shattering Impact.
Defence Shattering Rampage.
Distracting Impact.
Superiority Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Trying to work towards this particular hybrid myself. It’s a very good hybrid and well worth the investment.


Yep hoping to create this unique with this week’s events as well, 120/250, last fuse was a 70 :smile:
Hard to grind for tenontosaurus, tho its nest is bank, I nvr seems to encounter too many in my area, even tho there is a bank just next to my block.


1.7 will not kill Tenonto ?

No. Definitely not. Not unless there is something I am missing.

As tanks go its not a bad one - seems to like to crit and packs a punch when it does. An instant move would make it a must have - as it is, mine drifts in and out of the team - L26 at the moment and with some kind fuses should be L27 before the end of the week.

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It packs a punch, but it is waaaaay too slow… Mine is only level 23, but has not seen any action… Frankly, am not very impressed at what I have seen in the arena… I think it’s a really good Tryko counter, but I don’t use my Tryko either, hence not very impressed…


I’ve it once in a recent strike tower and it decimated me.

I haven’t created this dino yet because of the lack of Tenontosaurus DNA I can find. However, the recent events have allowed me to start fusing for her finally, but I’m too focused on Thoradolosaur right now. Priorities… :confounded:


I’m nowhere near being able to start fusing Zebra. My Tenontosaurus is only level 8 and my Tyannolopololosaur is level 16. I’m prioritizing Thor as my 3rd unique.

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I just got it today thanks to the event and a couple 50s in fuses, but not going to use it :slight_smile: no reason except i prefer to play with my favs on the team. But glad im one step closer to completing the dinodex.

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@Ned I’ve only been able to get Tenontosaurus up as high as I have because of my Alliance. I haven’t seen one in the wild since last summer.

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  1. The ones I have meet have been very easy to defeat. Many fast dinos with stun or crits…

  2. In 1.7 it could be a great dino with extra speed!

I just don’t find enough Tenontos. Even with the events, I’m still behind in getting this guy.

I’m in no rush to get one, even though the recent Tenontorex destroyed my team in the strike event…

In 1.7 it got its attack nerfed

I would actually like this guy if it was faster. Has a versatile moveset and good base stats, but just too slow.

If it was faster, I imagine that something else would have to drop, either damage or health, and I’d not want to lose either.

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Well these new boost might be able to make ur Zebra faster.

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Really like this dino. Working on trying to get it. My tyranno is decently piled ready to start a few fuses. My Tenonto rare is thousands behind even with the latest dinos of the week.

One thing we do know is this dino certainly causes misbalances to matchmaking in the arena.


The most annoying unique I’ve ever faced