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Dinosaur of the Day #128 - Thoradolosaur


Rarity: Unique.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 1660.
Speed: 109.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 40%

Created using DNA from: Tarbosaurus and Allosinosaurus.

Defence Shattering Impact.
Defence Shattering Rampage.
Defence Shattering Strike.
Instant Charge.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


This monster truly is an Apex predator. It may not be the fastest but the damage output alone makes this a top notch choice. It’s hard and time consuming to create but well worth it.

I’m only 6000 Tarbosaurus DNA off completing Thoradolosaur and it has taken a good long time to achieve (mainly because of the ingredients of Allosinosaurus), so wish me luck. :slight_smile:


My Thoradolosaur is level 27, and I have no regrets.

High damage output and Instant Charge being so useful in many situations, also 40% critical chance. :slight_smile:


What level is your Stygidaryx?

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I have not created her yet, @MementoMori. :sweat_smile:


THIS DINO. Between Thor and Allosinosaurus, I have never experienced so many 10 fuses in this game before. I really want this dude in my team, but I’m continuously running out of Tarbo.

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a really broken dino,it does exactly what the T-rex did but way better



What I think

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Easily one of my favorite Hybrids. I love my Dino god of thunder. :yum:

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Absolutely! It’s almost as if the game knows what you are trying to do and purposefully gives you the minimum possible.

@Moksha, the only reason I have it so close is thanks to the Sinoceratops Alliance rewards. I never ever see it in the wild so without that every week I wouldn’t be close to having it,

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I agree! I actually have an abundant amount of Sino DNA from past missions and featured events…just never enough Allosaurus or Tarbosaurus DNA now.

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Love my Thor… Hadn’t unlocked Allosinosaurus when he was introduced, but knew I had to have him the moment I laid eyes on him in the arena… Been putting all my resources in Thor and have got him to level 28, 360/500 to level 29! Haven’t unlocked Utarinex yet and not planning on fusing it, until I get Thor to level 30! Absolutely love this beast!


My favorite dino by far. That crit chance is no joke and I have one shot many a Dilorach even when distracted. I love that instant charge allows me to get off one more shot of damage before it goes down. Also my favorite DC killer :grin:


This guy is a beast.
Yesterday I won a couple of matches 3-0 and 3-1 thanks to this guy people just gave up XD

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Youre short… Allo? I dont even dart them and I have 100k.

My thor is almost 26 and I have enought sino and allo to get it to 28-29. The only thing holding me back is a drastic reduction in Tarbo lately

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@Creative_Screen_name, for some reason, I’ve always had a hard time darting allo. Also, the little DNA I gather seems to just vanish from the rows of bad luck fuses. :weary:

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A really well planned not too OP dino. It mostly does what Rex does just better like a Unique should.

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My favorite dino next to Tarbo. Helps that Tarbo night hunts are my favorite thing to do in this game anyway lol.

To those who don’t have it yet just keep at it, it will happen soon! And you won’t have any regrets. Since I always hunted Tarbo since the launch I had a huge pile of Tarbo. Also, I was one of the people asking for a Tarbo hybrid :smile: This game loves 10’s on Thor lol.


i’ll kinda be happy if they decrease a LITTLE bit of it’s attack; I’ve recently fought 3 inn sorna marshes and they obliterated my team!


Do you have a bleeder on your team? This is thors biggest weakness I believe. Bleed them out. Decent leveled Spinota.

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