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Dinosaur of the Day #129 - Tragodistis


Created using DNA from Parasaurolophus and Amargocephalus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: Beta.
Health: 4500.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 105.
Defence: 40%
Critical chance: 5%

Superior Vulnerability.
Group Decelerating Strike.
Group Taunting Shields.
Lesser Group Heal.

Resistant to speed decrease (50%), taunt (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Tragodistis has not changed since I last updated her entry. Where previously I had thought that she may have lost some usefulness, I have noticed that Tragodistis is making more appearances in the Lockwood Estate in recent months. She also makes appearances in a few Raid strategies which makes her a nice support option. Overall I don’t think Tragodistis is as good as she used to be but she certainly seems to be making a reappearance in the game.

What are your thoughts on Tragodistis after the recent update?