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Dinosaur of the Day #143 - Wuerhosaurus


Wuerhosaurus ‭(‬Wuerho lizard‭) is currently the latest surviving known member of the stegosaur group.‭ ‬In being so,‭ ‬the temporal range of these kinds of dinosaurs has been significantly extended up to the middle Cretaceous,‭ ‬forty-five million years after their Jurassic heyday.

Unfortunately Wuerhosaurus is only represented by partial remains,‭ ‬making accurate reconstruction of this stegosaurid problematic.‭ ‬The dorsal plates were initially conceived as being ‘‬flat‭’ ‬at the top as opposed to pointed like in so many of the others of the group,‭ ‬but further research has suggested that they were simply broken,‭ ‬giving the false impression that they were flattened.‭ ‬It has also been presumed that Wuerhosaurus possessed a thagomizer like other Stegosaurids,‭ ‬but analysis has suggested that the single spike recovered may have in fact projected from the shoulder.

The hips appear to be even wider than other stegosaurids in what is thought to accommodate a larger digestive area.‭ ‬The head is also carried lower to the ground for low browsing,‭ ‬implying that Wuerhosaurus carried the characteristic stegosaurid morphology to even greater extremes than its predecessors.‭ ‬Wuerhosaurus was also moderately sized for its kind with the type species,‭ ‬W.‭ ‬homheni being the larger at an estimated length of up to seven meters,‭ ‬with W.‭ ‬ordonsensis being smaller at an estimated length of up to five meters.

Some paleontologists consider Wuerhosaurus to be synonymous with the more well-known Stegosaurus.‭ ‬The problem here is that Stegosaurus is known only until the Tithonian of the Jurassic,‭ ‬and is also from a completely different geographical location.‭ ‬These too reasons are often justified as enough cause to isolate two similar animals into a separate genus for each,‭ ‬but as is often the case,‭ ‬only new and more complete fossil material would be enough to prove either theory without doubt. It is not completely out of the question that Wuerhosaurus could have been a late surviving descendant of Stegosaurus.


Rarity: Rare.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 4800.
Damage: 1400.
Speed: 115
Defence: 20%
Critical chance: 5%

Instant Distraction.
Superiority Strike.

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Actually not a bad dino in strikes and friendly battles. It has Indoraptor level attack, and can ID big blows. I hope he gets a hybrid.

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I have never used it a I don’t have enough DNA for it and I prefer Tuojinagosaurus.


The last Dino of the original DotD


Hopefully you make profiles about the new hybrids


The new ones will start tomorrow


Oh God…


I actually got scared there.


Scared? I’m not that bad am I? :wink:

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I’ve never paid ‘WooooHooo-saurus’ much attention, I’ve always preferred purple Stego out of the 2 rare stegos.

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It feels like this was forever ago, but this was my first favorite dino - the perfect answer to Raptor Meta! :joy:

I’m still waiting for it to get the Hybrid treatment and then ring in the new era of tank meta…

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most commonly found spawning here:


It took me forever to get Wuerhosaurus for some reason and now again when I need rare DNA for a daily mission I see who on my Alliance will help me out.