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Dinosaur of the Day #146 - Erlikospyx



Rarity: Unique.
Metahub Tier: Tyrant…
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1500.
Speed: 129.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 6%

Created using DNA from: Spinonyx and Erlikosaurus Gen 2.

Debilitating Distraction.
Lethal Wound.
Minimal Speedup Strike.
Precise Rampage.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

Dinosaur of the Day #154 - Spinonyx

It’s hard to keep it survives more than 2 turn by itself. average Health Point can die easily with attack buff counter. not to mention it totally has a weak spot on Superiority Strike.

its strongest point would be skillset diversity (Distracting, Lethal Wound, Rampage through evasive/cloak) and high damage.

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But debilitating distraction helps

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I’ve not really looked at this one as I will be a long way off ever completing it. To me it looks okay on paper but not sure.


it’s perfectly ok if it can manage to be faster than an opponent. I still remember when speed boosted Thor one shot’d mine with ‘a little pecking’

Actually, Erlikospyx is really fearsome creature as you can expect from unique level, but with this currently ‘STAT BOOST FEATURE’, it’s just average creature when there are boosted unique roaming around.

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Love my!

Performs great when it gets some more health and damage!

Could never done it without a great team! Thanks everyone :black_heart:

Stat: 3/4/3


Nice moveset, but as fast & frail it’s another thing of no use against the players who have everything boosted to very high speeds by exploiting speed bboost buying bug, as it suffers badly if it does not go first. May be useful if I ever collect enough speed boosts that it actually gets to go first!

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Nitpick: should’ve been a spinosaurid. The chickens didn’t need a third unique.


Another unique that’ll take me years to get, just like Dilo… Diloracheirus? Or however u spell it. Looks really cool. That’s pretty much it xD

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Alright, I took back my word about it is the weak unique due to stat boosts feature. My level 23 unboosted Erlikospyx just solo’d the team consist of Boosted Indoraptor, Boosted Erlidominus and Boosted Thoradolosaur with a little help from meat shields.

Precise Rampage is absolute crazy. once it got speed up, it will show you the true power of Iced popstick dinosaur.

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I have changed my opinion on it. Looking at the stats I was unimpressed but reading how it works now, it’s a heck of a lot better than i thought.