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Dinosaur of the Day #148 - Marsupial Lion

Is everyone forgetting something.?.
This nasty little kitty cat can be fused into the extremely powerful THYLOCOTATOR LV15 upwards which is an incredible ancient mean machine of the dinosaur age our alliance often uses the Thylocotator in raid battles against the Mammotherium, Smilonemys and the Sinoceratops. Easily a veritable killing machine when it comes to these 3 raid bosses using both of these abilities / powers >>>> Rending Take down & Prowl. Critical hits virtually drop out of the sky often enough that the 3 raid bosses hardly stand a chance against what our alliance calls The Thunder Cat combine 3 of these nasty kitties with a decent powered healer dino and you have a winning team from the instant the raid begins.!. lol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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It’s easily one of the best non-hybrids in the game, after 2.0 Woolly Rhino will be its only real competition.
Not really a raid creature though.

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This creature is one of my favorites, a level 10 can take on a level 26 tank, as I happened in the armor assault, it worked very well for me.

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Agreed. Only Sonorasaurus comes close to them. But marsupial lion I say gets the edge

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Rarity: Rare.
Tier: Elite - Mid.
Health: 4050.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 117
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 40%

Minor Rending Attack.
Rending Takedown.
Medium Counter-Attack.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

The Marsupial Lion has not changed since I last updated her entry. She remains one of the better non-hybrid creatures in the game. However, I think as the game has progressed she has become overshadowed by her own hybrid, Thylacotator, and other newer creatures. The Marsupial Lion still works well in the Arena and in tournaments but she isn’t a Raid choice.

What are your thoughts on the Marsupial Lion after the recent update?

mortem raid: am I a joke to u


I have seen and used her in Mortem raids but for a long time. It’s a workable start but I think over the last year better strats with other creatures have become more popular.