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Dinosaur of the Day #149 - Phorusrhacos


The Terror Bird – also known as Phorusrhacos – was a large carnivorous bird that was discovered by Florentino Ameghino in the spring of 1887 in Santa Cruz, Argentina. While it was given the name Phorusrhacos, a name which means “rag bearer,” it’s been unofficially referred to as the Terror Bird, and that’s because it must have been a bird that struck terror into the mammals that lived in South America during the Middle Miocene – or about 12 million years ago.

When it was first named by Florentino Ameghino, he gave it a name that didn’t end with “ornis”, which is the usual was to end the name of a fossilized bird because that’s the Greek word for “bird.” And this wasn’t an oversight. He initially didn’t believe that Terror Bird was an actual bird. He assumed it was a megafauna mammal. However, he was wrong and it was recognized as a bird.

Looking at Terror Bird pictures will quickly give you an idea why this bird was given its name. When it lived, it was about 8 feet tall and weighed in the neighborhood of 300 pounds. It had a very large head that was equipped with a very sharp beak, had clawed wings and large talons on its feet. It would have been feared by just about any small mammal it came across. Especially since it loved eating small mammals.

One of the most interesting facts about Terror Bird is that while it was incapable of flight, it could run at amazing speeds. Scientists have estimated it to have been able to run at about 35 miles per hour. That is faster than a horse! Just another tool in its arsenal of weapons which would have made this bird very scary.

It is assumed that it used its great size and speed for hunting its prey. Scientists believe it would catch its prey, hold it down with its talons and then clutch it between its jaws. It would then repeatedly slam the small mammal into the ground until it killed it. Then it could feed as its leisure.

Rarity: Common.
Metahub Tier: Scavenger.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 130
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Raking Claws.
Swap-In Dodge.

So, thoughts on this megafauna? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Not too bad for a Common but won’t last very long like many Common animals.

I faced one of these in the recent Open Skill tournament and my opponent must have lost connection as for the next five minutes all their Phorusrhacos did was sidestep successfully until I finally landed a hit! :laughing:

Love this thing, looks wise. Not nearly as big as Kelenken though, that would be a fun addition.

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Love it love it love It i love it


The look of this thing terrifies me, but I don’t imagine I’ll be facing many in battle any time soon… It has the makings for a scrappy hybrid, I’m sure!


I was surprised that we didn’t get any cenozoic hybrids with their release. I can easily imagine something like Lythroax and Phorusrhacos combined, as a big beaked feathery carnivore.

Dodo Rex intensifies


I like it - its 66% Dodge makes it a slightly more reliable survivor, and those Raking Claws give decent damage at higher levels. But it needs to be used as a teammate, not as a solo act.

I used it quite a bit in the Tournament; it’s good when paired alongside swappers like Stygi and Pachy.

And since it ain’t immune, it’s still vulnerable against slowers. Kinda a good weakness, otherwise, It’d be like a bird version of Erlidom or something xD


Le Terror Birby


I have to admit. The Murder Chocobo has replaced Suchotator in my affections. I’m irrationally attached to an arena-useless bird


Erlick gen2 is the result of trying to reverse engineer the terror bird.


The day this thing gets a hybrid with those same moves combined with others, it will make many players rage… Including me.

Now Ludia fuses it with something like purutaurus (IDK)

Phorrusracos + Proceratomimus please :heart_eyes::rofl::joy:

The ultimate troll.
Nullifying Impact
Swap-in Dodge
Raking Claws
Distracting Rampage


Ahhh, that’s a nono

Crit chance should be much higher to make it A Terror Bird

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I mean, Ludia clearly doesn’t care about making balanced hybrids

looking at Thoradolosaurus, Diloracheirus, Dracoce-Rat-OP-s and Trykosaurus

Then might as well make something fun.

I loved it as soon as it arrived

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