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Dinosaur of the Day #151 - Geminititan


Rarity: Unique.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 6360.
Damage: 1100.
Speed: 108
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Created by using DNA from: Koolabourgiana and Diplodocus.

Declerrating Rampage.
Instant Distraction.
Long Protection.
Nullifying Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Like most sauropods I’m not convinced by Geminititan. I don’t see anything in there to make it stand out against other sauropods or even other dinosaurs for that matter. It doesn’t help that Diplodocus DNA is so hard to come by either.


It bothers me more than it should that Geminititan isn’t a hybrid of Giraffatitan or Nodopatotitan…



Ludia really needs to stop putting instant distraction on literally everything :roll_eyes:

Diorajasaurus kinda lost it’s identity without Distracting Impact… Purrutaurus kinda makes sense.

But why does this thing have Instant Distraction???

It’s not a dodger, nor a counter-attacker and neither a bleeder. It’s just

“Let me yell at you and waste both of our time on an useless round”.


I don’t get the name either. I mean… twin titan? I could get that if it was made up of two different sauropods but it isn’t.

The name annoys me. Arnold’s post explains why.
I just unlocked Koolabourgiana and it feels weird to have a legendary with not a single 2x attack. This one doesn’t seem to be any better with the attacks.

It’s also confusing, because the text for this one claims it to be a carnivore. Yet the attacks make it feel like every sauropod ever.


Part of me wants it to have a Bleed attack with all that.


Not interested not gonna make. I believe mark the shark made it played it and said no thanks.

The other new long neck we got is immune and pretty decent


instant 90% distraction move makes sense if opponent gets hit by counter or is bleeding. like for purutaurus or suchotator.

not to make battle longer for +1 turn.

maybe gemni would be useful with even more health.

I think it is Gemini Titan because in astrology, Gemini is infamous as a “conflicting” zodiac, as it is usually a dual sign, flopping between extremes.

Geminititan is both a carnivore and a sauropod according to the lore of JWA.

You don’t get much more conflicting and extreme than that.

Titan is common sauropod assigned name.


I think the point of it is to be able to cycle between Decel Rampage and instant distraction. You’ll last a very long time if you only get hit when you rampage, and we know from the non hybrid tournament just how good of a move that is. Constantly faster than your opponent, and throw up a long protection when the damage output of Decel Rampage would have been overkill to finish off an opponent. Idk, I quite like it. Wish it had kept swap in slow or swap in distraction though.

Why is it a carnivore though -_-


I don’t think it needs more health.

If anything, I would give it Cleansing Impact instead of Instant Distraction. Then it would much more interesting and versatile to play.

A while back I did say I’d like to see a carnivore/sauropod hybrid. I got my wish. :slight_smile:


That’s a good point. I keep forgetting Decelerating Rampage has only one turn cooldown.

to be more useful and really “counterable” only by bleeders.

Yeah, strange isn’t it. I mean, why give this instant distraction and not Koolab. It should have nullifying strike, deaccel rampage, Short defence and instant invincibility

Ludia: Geminititan is the first carnivorous sauropod ever made!
Labyrinthosaurus:. Am I a joke to u


Can someone post this dino and its stats/moveset please?

I think I am about 6 months to a year from unlocking this girl. :neutral_face:

The first post… :arrow_up:

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Different game :stuck_out_tongue: