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Dinosaur of the Day #155 - Tryostronix

Back for the Saint Patrick’s Day event I chose this one purely on looks and I haven’t touched it since. :sweat:
I really wish I’d gone for Tryko

RTC is great on Tryo but people praising it have to understand it has massive risk too.

Someone said it’s great against Tryko when you predict they are going to use priority invisibility and you use RTC and basically their Tryko will be dead, it’s happened to me plenty of times and I love it. However! There’s always that moment when it happens they swap in the RAT and kill your Tryo because you wasted an opportunity, or they swap in a faster Procera to nullify you, again wasting that turn.

I still have it on my team at lvl 25, not as boosted as 1.0 obviously, but if I get something better it will be towards the top of my list to remove, mainly because it has no ability to speed up, or slow down an enemy, or has a priority move. Many times it’s a one-hit pony.

She was my first ever legendary creature! I still use her as a revenge killer. She’s pretty good with the right amount of boosts.

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I think for me, any turn you aren’t doing anything specific to the opponent, whether it be damage, slow, distraction…etc, or going defensive against an attack, isn’t a good turn. While the damage output for the following turn is great, you could loose that dinosaur or be stunned or whatever, and lose out. I guess that sounds very two dimensional thinking I guess.

Before the boost reset I used Gorgosuchus as a revenge killer. Now with a blank slate I replaced him with Tryostronix as an upgrade. Currently working towards a complete glass cannon of speed and damage boosts! Whether this is sensible or not, we’ll see!

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I thought the same but when you are facing Tryko it’ll damage you if you damage it. So RTC is a free move to increase damage and crit chance if Tryko puts up Instant invincibility.