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Dinosaur of the Day #156 - Ardentismaxima

Made from DNA from: Brachiosaurus and Ardontosaurus.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 5340.
Speed: 108.
Defence: 0%
Crit: 20%

Decelerating Impact.
Decelerating Strike.
Definite Rampage.
Instant Invincibility.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Don’t have it at the moment, but I love its design :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Sadly it doesn’t seem amazing at the moment, but I’m sure I can fix that with boosts. When I get it, I’m gonna put it straight on my team

It just seems like a regular sauropod dinosaur to me for the most part. A little disappointing for a Unique.


Agreed, I have him at level 23 no boosts … No armour is what making me not happy about him. So the dracog2 I face can kill him straight after a baby attack from another dino.

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Extremely beautiful. Underwhelming stats. It doesn’t inerhit brachi stats at all, only a bunch of hp, but armor, crit chance and speed are from its ardonto parent.
That’s where i would fix her.
Moves are good but not special.
I know that’s immune but i don’t think that its immune status should cost her Brachi’s better stats that could have made her great rather than mediocre.
Didn’t unlock her yet, maybe when i’ll play it i will change my mind. I hope but i don’t think so.
It can be worth it including on a team depending on what you are looking for, but it doesn’t seem strong as other end-game dinos.


Already one of my favorites, but sadly it needs a rework in its stats, it is one of the very few Unique Sauropods, they have to be strong, they deserve it, and right now Ardentis isn’t as strong as it deserves to be.

I have mine at 24 and boosted, yet it still lacks punch and like others said, it needs Brachi’s 10% armor and 30% crit.

Hopefully she will get some love soon :slight_smile:


Haven’t unlocked it but I’m quite disappointed that brachis moves/stats are non exiting on this hybrid. Not even it’s critical %.

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After some more battles with Ardentismaxima, I had to come back here and say it DEFINITELY needs at LEAST 10% armor, I could even argue for more, 15-20% perhaps, it is an unique and it is a massive Sauropod.

The argument “oh its parents dont have that much armor” won’t really matter, as some dinos get random stats and/or moves that their parents dont have so…:joy:

That along with a significant increase in Attack. Its current attack is simply not enough to compete in higher arenas, it needs much more.


Look at the attack stat of Geminititan

Sure it gets a lot of that from Koolab, but that’s insanse for a creature with the highest health pool in the game. (I’m not saying nerf it)
Maxima deserves more

Gemini basically only has the decel rampage as a high damage move, so its ok to have high damage, I agree with it! (I know you weren’t asking for a nerf, just wanted to point that out :grin:)

And yes, that is also a great reason for maxima to get higher Attack, it needs to be a strong dino, so we can put it to good use in the arena and expand that diversity!


Maxima needs that 20% armor. Imunity is great, but it does not survive more than two hits, especially if the opponent has an instant charge.

Instant invincibility is worthless for me, it should be instant distraction. A counter attack would be great and really help.

Overall I like it, but needs work to be a permanent team member.


@Ned Sorry to bug you so much, but just feels relevant that you’d see this thread as well about Ardentismaxima :grin::grimacing: along with my thread on it that you recently saw and commented on, this is also a great one to pass along to the devs :slight_smile:

We’re just passionate about the game and these awesome new dinos/hybrids and we want to be able to use them properly against (and alongside) the boosted monsters (which are awesome as well! :rofl:) currently running wild in the arena like Tryko, Thor, Utarinex, etc…

Hope your day is going well, Ned! :sunglasses:


Fun fact: The Dutch princess, married to our king, is from Argentina and her last name is Maxima.

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I hope that the Devs don’t see is complaining about Maxima’s Immunity and take that away

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But a counter wouldn’t make sense in all honesty. I think more of every stat along with loosing deaccel strike for shielsinf strike would also be good

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Love this guy but from the little experimentation I’ve done he doesn’t seem worthwhile to level yet. Hopefully he gets more of brachi’s stats soon.

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@Tuophysis we are NOT complaining about ardentis having immunity. Everyone has said it is a wonderful thing! Lol

( @Ned just so we’re clear :joy: )


There was someone on a different thread that said it could be a good idea to give it cleansing strike and remove it’s Immunity

Rinex kill it in two hits at same level and same boosts. As a tank, it just cannot take the damage it needs to soak up. Although it’s immune, but it cannot kill rinex in two hits without debuffs from rinex.

Maybe it was me, I said that i would have preferred her with Brachi’s stats, not being immune and with superiority strike. I don’t think that for a dino like Ardentis being immune can make a huge difference, i think that the main thing that afflict her performance is distraction, because against bleed it can be an easy set up for your next dino if well-played.

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