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Dinosaur of the Day #157 - Carnotarkus

Made with DNA from: Purutaurus and Wuerhosaurus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3900.
Speed: 110.
Defence: 20%
Crit: 5%

Superiority Strike.
Long Protection.
Precise Rampage.
Instant Distraction.
Greater Rending Counter Attack.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


I was a little disappointed by the design, it could be bulkier (wuerho parent) and a bit more aggressive/scary looking (puru parent)… as some have said, it does kind of look like a tanky cow :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: which isnt very scary in this game lol

But, It seems like an interesting Tank and it has great moves. Faster than chompers (would have to be boosted enough nowadays) so it has a certain advantage

It could probably have more HP, to get a legit Tank status.

Hopefully one day I can get it to team level :slight_smile:


This is one of my new main team members, love it!

I call mine SpikeStrip, like Police use to take out car tires!


@Stiffeno that’s an awesome name! :grin:

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Thanks, its the first thing that came to my mind when I seen it lol

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I also sometimes refer to it as Governor Tarkin lol

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@Stiffeno always playing on the same side of the law I see :rofl:

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My uncle is actually a cop :laughing:

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That explains it :sunglasses::joy:

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@Colin_Goodman i thought the patch notes said it included superiority strike. I recently just watched @Pocemon towards his showcase vid of carnotarkus, and while in the desc. of the stats say decel. strike, in battle it is a superioty strike. Idk for myself since i havent made it yet.

My opinion:
On paper, its health and moveset could use a lil more work to entice more players to use this than its counterpart Purutaurus. All im askin is atleast a lil bit of an HP buff, seeing as how it has DNA from the stegosaurid family.

@NewNewbie It was fixed soon after 1.8 was released. :slight_smile: it has SS.

@Colin_Goodman so yes, a change in the first move would be good on the OP. :wink:


I absolutely adore the massive counter attack it has, so powerful!

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Thanks guys. As I don’t have one I was going off of the new Metahub site. I’ll correct it now.

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MVP. Better than Puru. The 20% armour makes all the difference

isnt it worse than puru against bleeders, thanks to decelerating instead of cleanse?

Tbh, it depends what dinos its going against, if bleeders puru is better, fast damage dealers carno is better, and when it comes to distraction dinos both can counter those really good


I brought this thing as far as I could as soon as I could :sweat_smile:


Proof that you should dart and collect everything you see. You never know when it will get a hybrid.

it looks a bit like a Shringasaurus

If I have the time and darts I literally dart everything on the map lol.

I have 216,000 Suchomimus and still dart them!

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