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Dinosaur of the Day #174 - Thylacotator

I’ve had similar experience because half of my team has non-hybrids I have ease taking down a the thylacotator. I just have heard this from my alliance members and others from the forum.

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It’s on my team in Library as I usually face Max, Thor, Tryko, Not as much but also popular: Tenrex, Gtitan, Sarco, Dio. Except for Dio, swap in to distract 100% the rampage, launch LW, then Rend. If they swap out after LW, the next dino will be facing a 60% rend. Unless of course it’s Magna or the other rare rend resistant dinos. In Library which is usually Quetz.

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Any tank’s worst nightmare (so seemingly 99.99% of the creatures), although I wish it was still immune to stun its probably balanced as is.


Thyla is my baby, I love her! Level 22 and primarily focused on speed boost, currently at 135. Maiming wound->rending takedown makes quick work of tanks. The health boost I didn’t see as necessary but gladly take it

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lux and cermagnus: We are the strongest tanks ever! Even choppers fall before us. Who dares to oppose us?!

Thyla and lion: we’re just a simple father son duo…once that gonna make sure y’all stay down


Thylac and Lion both lose to Lux and magnus


Created using DNA from Marsupial Lion and Suchotator.

Rarity: Epic.
Tier: Elite - Mid.
Health: 4500.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 117.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 40%

Superiority Strike.
Deliberate Prowl.
Rending Takedown.
Maiming Wound.
Swap in Distraction.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Thylacotator has lost a tiny amount of health but otherwise remains unchanged. She is a good and popular hybrid but I continue to find her underwhelming in the Arena for the most part. From my experience Thylacotator doesn’t do amazing in the Arena but there are Raid strategies that utilize her really well. It would appear that I am in the minority on this but I do think there are better options.

What are your thoughts on Thylacotator after the recent update?

2nd best bleeder after Scorpy g3, but most opponent in library and gyro Will just swap to mrhino to avoid this thing.

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I use it, i think it’s great. It’s lack of immunity to stun though means monolorhino can freely come in and tear it apart. Also because of how buggy deliberate prowl is and how low his attack is, he basically only has 2 moves.

He needs some of his stun resistance back and maybe shielding decelerating strike instead of superiority strike and then he’d be top teir.

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I think it deserves some stun resistance. There are too many dinosaurs with both bleed and rend resistance so it needs something to combat them. Also prowl is pretty garbage until they sort out the dodge (It will not even try to dodge a single attack sometimes)

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Still a staple to my team of level 20 and 21s, great for taking down the ardents I see. Can take down the odd indoraptor who’s being played poorly too. Also fun to semi cheese the “pity” AI by continuously prowling and rending when it’s in swap mode.

I wish they’d give their old immunity to stuns back :frowning: and the addition of rending resistance really hurt them too.