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Dinosaur of the Day #179 - Alloraptor

I don’t use it but maybe a 5/15/10? or 0/20/10 for glass cannon?

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I’m back in Lockwood Estate at the moment and I’ve run into plenty of Alloraptor. Never did much before though.

alloraptor is a beast now. i use it at level 20 in aviary and i love it. its basically my mascot hybrid. it has ridiculous damage output, and you can boost the speed up to outspeed things that would normally kill the alloraptor. it can one shot things left right and center in certain situations. in my opinion, its the best legendary in the game, though many disagree with me.
oh, it also cant be slowed. its a great tank buster.
its main weakness is swappers. things like rhino, dc, and magnus will do very well against it. but other than that, its awesome.