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Dinosaur of the Day #179 - Alloraptor

I don’t use it but maybe a 5/15/10? or 0/20/10 for glass cannon?

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I’m back in Lockwood Estate at the moment and I’ve run into plenty of Alloraptor. Never did much before though.

alloraptor is a beast now. i use it at level 20 in aviary and i love it. its basically my mascot hybrid. it has ridiculous damage output, and you can boost the speed up to outspeed things that would normally kill the alloraptor. it can one shot things left right and center in certain situations. in my opinion, its the best legendary in the game, though many disagree with me.
oh, it also cant be slowed. its a great tank buster.
its main weakness is swappers. things like rhino, dc, and magnus will do very well against it. but other than that, its awesome.


an update: i still love it. its sitting comfortably at level 22 right now and it still kicks butt.



Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: Elite - Mid.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1700.
Speed: 126.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 30%

Cunning Strike.
Distracting Rampage.
Rending Takedown.

Resistant to Reduced Damage (50%), speed decrease (100%), swap prevention (100%) and vulnerable (50%).

Since I last updated this entry, Alloraptor would appear to have received a hefty improvement. Her damage has been boosted quite nicely as has her critical rating. A couple of her abilities have changed as well. She no longer pounces or impacts but has become a rampager instead. Alloraptor puts out a lot damage now.

I take back what I said previously, Alloraptor is great all rounder. She works well in the Arena, tournaments and in the right Raid she is fantastic.

All in all, I think Alloraptor has improved a lot. What are your thoughts on Alloraptor after the recent update?


Amazing revenge killer and sauropod buster. Just wish it still had pounce instead of cunning rampage


Yep even though I don’t have it pounce is better than distracting rampage

Is it though? Is Distracting Rampage not better as it is four attacks rather than two?

Oh nvm It was the opposite way around

pounce is able to be used on turn 1. though id rather take away rampage for pounce

as for what i think, well, its my mascot, i love it and it is the only legendary on my team of uniques.

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I would disagree here. With ceramagnus and monolorhinos everywhere, this thing gets squashed. And it’s moveset is decent, but the stats apart from damage are lacking, and boosted it needs more boosts than 30 to compete, and it just falls flat

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He means in tournaments, not the everyday arena.

Yes, but I would say Arena as well, at least so far. I can get as high as low Aviary and I see Alloraptor a lot in Lockwood Estate and she does well there. Once you get to a point where the Apex become common that is when she starts to become outclassed.

I still wouldn’t say that. Although it’s 2 levels higher, a boosted sino crushed this poor thing in a 1v1. It needs all of its stats to be boosted. It just doesn’t work in the arena at almost any level


A boosted Resilient swapper beat a cunning and that’s supposed to speak for its overall viability?

Sino is just a baby ceramagnus, and I don’t need to explain ceramagnus and how strong it is. However, sino is a good example of one of alloraptor’s biggest weaknesses that is common amonst many popular creatures: Instant damage. With 3 apexes having priority damage, a good boosted unique, a good boosted legendary, and probably more creatures on the way in the form of compy2’s hybrids, alloraptor is gonna struggle more.

Why do you think frail sweepers like alloraptor are bad? Easy: swappers. It can rarely get the kill as almost anything in some high tier can hit and run, almost always grabbing the kill. Boosted this gets worse as alloraptor has to juggle all of its stats while something like Monostegotops focuses on attack and hp, allowing it to better swap in on alloraptor

I don’t disagree that it’s not top tier, but if played wisely it can be a force. I find it has a very niche play style. It’s a very reliable closer once you’ve baited the swappers out.

Odds are the swappers are still in the back near the end as it’s probably better to sack the creature that initially swapped into them

sorry eduardo but this thing DOES work in arena. how else would it be one of my favorites to play in high aviary? maybe its not great at the top, but it works well in aviary and obviously lower.

Sino is one of my favorites in library, but is it great? Not really. Alloraptor is decent, but like I said, it has to juggle all it’s stats. Focus on attack and something like spyx will 1-shot you. Focus on speed and you’ll get 1-shot. HP and you are really slow. It really gets hurt when you throw boosts into the equation