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Dinosaur of the Day #185 - Titanoboa

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When initially described in‭ ‬2009,‭ ‬Titanoboa was estimated to have been about‭ ‬12.8‭ ‬meters long.‭ ‬This meant that in at least terms of length,‭ ‬Titanoboa was larger than the previous record holder for largest ever snake,‭ ‬Gigantophis,‭ ‬by a comfortable margin.‭ ‬Later modelling suggested a total length of about‭ ‬14.6‭ ‬meters,‭ ‬a figure that has since been commonly rounded off to‭ ‬15‭ ‬meters by others.

Reptiles are commonly thought to grow in accordance with the available ambient temperature of a climate.‭ ‬This is because higher temperatures that remain fairly constant throughout the year with very little seasonal variation allow ectothermic‭ (‬cold blooded‭) ‬animals to maintain an optimum metabolism for longer.‭ ‬This means that bodily functions such as digestion,‭ ‬circulation and respiration among others all‭ ‬become far more efficient,‭ ‬and a greater amount of energy can be set aside for other areas such as growth.

In reference to the larger size of Titanoboa,‭ ‬this could indicate that sixty million years ago global temperatures,‭ ‬specifically ‬at the equator but quite possibly further away,‭ ‬were considerably higher than those we know today.‭ ‬This is because today the largest known snakes which live close to the equator can commonly attain sizes of five to six meters in length,‭ ‬with rarer individuals approaching six and a half to seven meters long.

Titanoboa fossils are so far only known from the Cerrejón Formation of Colombia in South America.‭ ‬The Cerrejón Formation represents what is at the time of writing the earliest known occurrence of Neotropical rainforests‭ (‬rainforests of Central and South America‭)‬.‭ ‬The area of the Cerrejón Formation that the Titanoboa holotype fossils are known from has been established as going back to the Selandian of the Paleocene.‭ ‬This means that Titanoboa are known to have lived about sixty million years ago‭ (‬give or a take a million years‭)‬,‭ ‬and approximately five million years after the KT extinction which marks the end of the Mesozoic and the disappearance of the dinosaurs.‭ ‬During this time,‭ ‬Titanoboa would have lived and hunted in low lying rainforests that contained an extensive system of rivers that criss-crossed over the landscape.

Titanoboa would have been at their most dangerous when in the water.‭ ‬When in the water,‭ ‬body weight means very little since the buoyancy of the water would counteract the effects of gravity upon the body‭ (‬this is exactly why marine animals like whales grow so big‭)‬.‭ ‬This would mean that even a large Titanoboa would have been very quick when moving through the water as well as expending comparatively little energy to do so than what it would have had to do if on land.‭ ‬Another advantage of hunting in the water is that the sheer bulk of the body of Titanoboa would have been hidden by the water.‭ ‬When striking animals that were on or near the surface,‭ ‬the surface sheen of the water would have hidden any approach from a Titanoboa submerged under the surface,‭ ‬while the Titanoboa would have been able to lock on to the silhouette of its targeted prey.‭ ‬In addition Titanoboa would have been capable of lurking upon the bottom of water system and holding its breath for a considerable time,‭ ‬waiting for other animals swimming through the water which it could then strike at from below.


Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: TBA.
Health: 4500.
Damage: 1200.
Speed: 112.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

Pinning Strike.
Precise Rampage.
Decelerating Impact.
Immune to Distraction.
On Escape Rampage.


New cenozoic creature released into the game. Not sure what to make of her myself yet but seems reasonable at first glance. What are your thoughts on this giant serpent for when we have it released to us?

would be wonderful if it was actually available.
other than that, looks decently strong, but not over powered.


I’m expecting the same description with titanoboa GEN 2

It will be, same as the other Gen 2’s. It’s the same prehistorical data. It’s just to inform anyone who doesn’t know much about them.

I love this, I wish you did this every hour. Imagine it. Dinosaur of the hour #93731


I have no opinion yet as I’ve never even seen one in the wild, let alone unlocked one. However seeing a snake referred to as a dinosaur seems odd. Here’s hoping we’ll get more actual DINOSAURS in this game that’s based on a movie series about dinosaurs…


The articles are called Dinosaur of the Day just as a title.


I love its death animation, how it flails around and dies


Wish I could answer, but I haven’t even seen it in the game yet, not even as an incubator prize, so… Yeah.

From a glance it looks good, but man, another creature who is immune to distraction? Far too many immunity critters in this game now.

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tho in this case, immune to distraction makes sense. it is a giant constrictor. not much, if anything, is going to get them to let go or give up a chase. so i feel it fits.


I know. It’s not your fault that Ludia’s releasing more creatures that aren’t dinosaurs :slight_smile:

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A tasty meal for carbonemys xd


I assume you’ve seen the feeding animations in the sanctuary for Titanoboa? G2 at least. I giggled when I saw it. :rofl:

I feel the same way about animals that ignore dodge. Really annoys me. Titanoboa has that too!

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I just hope that the on escape rampage doesn’t become its swap in relative

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So, my thoughts on Titanoboa are that for an Epic she feels rather average. Fair set of stats but the abilities are a bit of random mix. Something for most occasions but no dedicated strategy. I also feel that on escape rampage (as we will see on the crocodiles) is a counter to the annoying swapping meta and that’s why most will use her.

Agree or disagree?


Stupid ten characters!

I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen it yet.

Do you mean Precise Rampage instead of Precise Strike?

This guy kills Indo G2 in a 1v1 duel (without crits). That’s amazing