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Dinosaur of the Day #187 - Entelomoth

My moth was boosted, the thor was boosted, the tarbo was barely boosted

poor moth… its so bad right now.

How would you fix her?

just increase its damage to 1200 and give it group shattering rampage


that would make it more like its old self, but not quite as op

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From the best creature in this game’s history (imo) to one of the worst legendaries

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well… it wasnt even the best in 1.14 because gemini was a thing.

plus theres still 1.2 indo, 1.6 dc, 2.0 maxima, current magnus, etc

completely agreed, I thought about this fix too

  1. imo it was better than gemini
  2. magnus sucks if we compare
  3. 2.0 maxima was op but it used to get rekt by too many bleeders so people strated using like thyla, spinonyx or alloraptor just to kill it, while moth didn’t have real counters except for indog2
  4. 1.6 DC was actually really really good so i can’t really say anything about it
  5. well i wasn’t there on 1.2 so I have no idea… I heard about indo having cloak back in the days but i’m not really sure


Created using DNA from Entelodon and Woolly Mammoth.

Rarity: Legendary
Tier: Alpha - High.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 120.
Defence: 20%
Critical chance: 5%

Persistent Ferocious Strike.
Mutual Fury.
Group Shattering Impact.
Minor Heal on Escape.

Resistant to damage over time (50%), stun (100%) and vulnerable (50%)

Since I last updated her entry, Entelomoth has seen a huge jump in health which is great. Everything else remains the same. I still think that for a Legendary rarity, Entelomoth desperately needs a damage increase. Somewhere about 1200 I would guess. She seriously needs a buff in my opinion. I’m not sure she is a popular hybrid, probably for that reason, as I cannot remember the last time I faced Entelomoth in the Arena.

What are your thoughts on Entelomoth after the recent update?

Pure example of how a creature can be made worthless.

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She desperately needs to be better than she is. She needs better damage and perhaps a reworking of her abilities.

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it used to rule the world, and now it’s worthless, i remember so well how bad I felt when I spent all my efforts on it in 1.14 and then they just nerfed it to the ground in 2.0

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I miss it’s old self, it was an incredible revenge killer. Opponents forgetting it has the on escape heal was nice, also a fun way to cheese the AI when they’d go into the constant swap routine.

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