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Dinosaur of the Day #197 - Moschops

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Moschops is a rare example of one of the few early mammal like reptiles that the general public are actually be aware of. This is in part due to its inclusion into most books about ancient animals, although a few people may actually remember watching the kids TV series ‘Moschops’ from the early 1980‘s.

At five meters Moschops was one of the largest herbivores of its day with only Jonkeria being a potential size rival. However it is not this large size that is the claim to fame for Moschops but its skull. The upper bone in the skull of Moschops was roughly ten centimetres thick, thicker than any other of the known animals of its day. One theory for this skull thickness is that Moschops took part in head butting, dominance contests. This does not mean that Moschops charged at one another, they most likely just walked up to face one another and then pushed with their heads.

Further support for the above theory comes from the overall morphology of the Moschops skeleton. The forelegs of Moschops carried the body higher than the rear limbs resulting in a sloping back. This would mean that a large proportion of the body mass was carried on the fore quarters and reinforced by the rear. This build probably means that dominance contests in Moschops were about projecting body weight forwards, possibly like sumo wrestlers do today in their matches.

This build however also means that Moschops was not a runner, and could not rely upon either speed or agility to escape predators. Still, a fully grown Moschops would have been nearly twice as big as most of the known South African predators of the mid Permian, with the exceptions of Anteosaurus and possibly Jonkeria. It could quite easily be that only the sick, injured or juvenile Moschops that were not fully grown had reason to fear predators. Also the idea of dominance displays in Moschops is also indicative of social interaction between individuals. As such Moschops may have moved in small groups or even herds with the dominance contests being for mating rights within the herd.


Rarity: Rare.
Metahub Tier: TBA.
Health: 4500.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 113
Defence: 25%
Critical chance: 5%

Superiority Strike.
Revenge Decelerating Impact.
Precise Rampage.
Immune to Deceleration.
Immune to Stuns.

Here we have the third of our new Permian creatures. I quite like her. She has reasonable stats for a Rare creature and the abilities are rather good too. She will still need to concern herself with bleeders and chompers but should fair well against other opponents. Like many Rares though, I think she will be used quite early on and then replaced by mid Arena and which point she’ll become a DNA farm for her hybrid, Entelochops. Even so, I look forward to trying this creature out when mine gets a few more levels under her belt.

What are your thoughts on this new stem-mammal ?


In case anyone hasn’t seen the TV series of Moschops…

Shouldn’t have immunities imo

I can see the point for the stun immunity as it stops someone swapping out for a swap in stun creature after killing something, and preventing the revenge attack. Deceleration doesn’t seem quite right as she is slow enough anyway that I don’t think being slowed would be a disadvantage.

But shouldn’t stuns actually counter revenge? Even Ludia mentioned that in notes. Besides, stunners are underpowered right now so Ludia shouldn’t add new immunes to stuns in every update.
And Moschops is designed to counter speedsters (both distracters and dodgers), immunity to stuns just doesn’t match this role


I can see wanting to give these first revenge creatures a chance so giving them an immunity to stuns makes sense. We will have to see if they give future revenge creatures the same immunity.

As someone who feels that Stun is too strong and too commonplace at present, I’m happy for more counters to Stun but I take the point that too many counters swings the other way too.

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More partial immunities… I’m fed up of them. It’s causing the meta to become boring.

Anyway, Moschops doesn’t look too bad. She might be useful in tournaments, but as is the case with most of the rares, I imagine she won’t be much help in later arenas.


Im using it on the coin tournament right now and it can compete against legendary creatures (or it is just my luck). Moschops is my new favorite creature in the game.

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