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Dinosaur of the Day #203 - Dracoceratosaurus

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3300.
Damage: 1600.
Speed: 117.
Defence: 0%
Critical: 5%.

Cunning Strike.
Cunning Impact.
Acute Stun.
Cleansing Impact.
Swap in Savagery,

Resistant to swap prevention (100%).

Dracoceratosaurus gives us an upgrade for the hated Dracoceratops. Comparing the two, Dracoceratops comes in with more health but Dracoceratosaurus has slightly better stats otherwise. For a Unique rarity I would have thought she would have better stats total. As for her abilities, Dracoceratosaurus is a cunning beast stripping away attack and critical increases. She retains the stunning, cleansing and swap in attack of her little sister.

Could she be the replacement for the now weakened Dracoceratops? She certainly has a decent damage output and could still be a nuisance. But I will leave that determination for those my savvy on such things than I.

Likewise I am not sure on her use in Raid battles. On paper Draoceratosaurus looks like she could be good against certain bosses but is she the sort of hybrid you need on your team?

What do you think about Dracoceratosaurus and her uses in the game?


On raids don’t use it’s mostly good to swap in and you can’t use it in raids

About arena it’s a bit worse then DC, it’s faster but not that far, he lost the shattering moves to the cunning ones which sucks because of resilient meta

Also it has way less HP than DC, I’d not recommend using this guy until it got a buff hopefully

Also remember resistance to rend is a thing in 2.0 now


Somebody PLEASE buff this poor girl. There’s no reason for her to have 800HP less than DC in exchange for a measly 2 speed and a 100 extra attack. If Tryko can have it all, why can’t she? Even if she had a single shattering move it wouldn’t unbalance her.

She has a lot of potential, but there were certainly some strange choices in her stats.


I mean it can’t crit according to you so I think Dracoceratops is better

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Sorry. I swapped defence and crit for some reason. Oops.

Edit: Fixed.

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What do you think is her use at the moment? Or do you think she’s a tease (for lack of a better word) for something we’ll see in a later update?

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I think a tease. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re intending people to dump all their boosts on DC (which, if so, good news Ludia - loads of people have done that already), nerf it and buff this girl a lot further.

Otherwise, I feel like she was an afterthought. Their focus was so heavy on raids, that time wasn’t really dedicated to her, resulting in a lacklustre dino with middling stats.


Needs a distracting rampage. I have it on my team for the huge tanks or for finishing off Thors that my carnotarkus cannot take down in 3 hits. It is so fluffy!


Cause it the easiest uniques to make? Meanwhile tryko takes a lot of hunting

Plus like Monolorhino it’s made from a common common easy to level legendary. Expecting it to be on par with other much hard to creat and more costly uniques (maxima, olania, rinex, tryko, erildom) is quiet the stretch. But it should be on par with other easy to make ones ( indo, stygi, Thor, grypo, rhino) and at least be better than the og rat


I mean just if you couldn’t be bothered to get proceratosaurus before the update this is quite hard to get but you know as most people used yoshi or proceratosaurus itself they are gonna have lots of it

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The difference between Monolorhino and Dracocerato is that one is made from an exclusive epic and the other is made from a global rare, so no Dracocerato shouldn’t be amazing but still

Lol I mean there parents

But like it’s a global now there is no reason to say it’s hard to get I get like 2 a day.

Also true, and yet rhinos is like very meh tbh, the swap in is really the only saving grace.

Well when the only thing you usually find are elasmo Utah T. rex gen 2 dimetrodon and koolasuchus gen 2 then that’s the issue

Rhino should honestly have copied all of Rhino’s moveset and if they really wanted it to have a distracting move, distracting impact

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It’s probably area spawns, usually it goes creature for hybrid pursuit—-> then area——>then time of day—->then global but still it’s very easy if ya just use a giga scent or rare/epic scent.

Dracocerato honestly could get swap in rending attack, and if we all remember the old rending attack I think it’s self explainitory. That and 3900 health

Trust me I used an entire giga scent got no proceratosaurus and 1 irritator and at the time I think the hybrid pursuit was mammoth and I think I found one as well

I’ve only gotten one irri and see procerato at least 5 times a week