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Dinosaur of the Day #203 - Dracoceratosaurus

Well if you only have seen one irritator just saying good luck with the one thing that you actually want

Ya I think it’s just luck and location

I mean it was terrible being in area 4 because it was nothing but elasmo in the day and at night it would be diplocaulus gen 2 it would actually show up more than the commons some times


I only use mine because it’s higher level than my Dracoceratops, otherwise the OG rat is better because of both HP and shattering moves. Definitely needs something to make it more distinctive, and just better overall.

Otherwise, not bad.

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The creature that supposed to be a deer


Created using DNA from Proceratosaurus and Dracoceratops.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: Elite - Mid.
Health: 3900.
Damage: 1600.
Speed: 119.
Defence: 0%
Critical: 5%.

Cunning Strike.
Cunning Rampage.
Acute Stun.
Cleansing Impact.
Swap in Savagery,

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and swap prevention (100%).

Dracoceratosaurus has seen a bit of a buff since I last updated her entry. She has gained a good health buff, a slight speed increase and she cannot be slowed now. In addition, cunning impact is now a cunning rampage which is a great buff. However, considering how easy Dracoceratosaurus is to create I find it odd that she doesn’t appear anywhere near as frequently as I would expect. Everyone seems to play or prefer Dracoceratops. This is probably due to the fact that Dracoceratosaurus does not have the shield breaking attacks that Dracoceratops has in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on Dracoceratosaurus after the recent update?


Also quite an improvement from Dracoceratops
but not that much considering it has lower health but makes up with Deceleration Immunity and great damage

Unfortunately it falls flat to stuns and has no on escape moves, very important things to have in the meta