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Dinosaur of the Day #208 - Mortem Rex

Rarity: Apex.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4500
Damage: 2000
Speed: 108
Critical: 40%
Armour: 0

Fierce Impact.
Fierce Rampage.
Cleansing Impact.

Resistant to damage over time (50%), speed crease (100%), stun (75%), swap prevention (75%) and vulnerable (50%).

Oh my word! Henry Wu what have you done now? Mortem Rex is the first Apex rarity creature in the game. It’s not a dinosaur and technically it’s not a hybrid as there are no component parental DNA. She looks like some weird Kaiju rather than anything else. Very reminiscent of the bosses in Jurassic World the Games’ boss battles but with less weird lightning effects.

Stat wise Mortem Rex is awesome. Good health, amazing damage and 40% crit chance. Wow. Her abilities are fantastic for the damage being 2000, 3000 and 4000 a piece before any critical bonus. No armour or shields will stop her and if needs be she has a cleansing ability that will still hit you for 3000 damage! :fearful: She’s not an immune creature as would be expected which is nice. This version which is different to the Raid boss version is a bit more tempered.

Mortem Rex is going to be a great choice for Arena and Raid’s both, and I dread seeing one with a full complement of boosts.

The only sad thing for me is that I will be unlikely to unlock her and she’ll remain a grey square in my dinodex for ever.

What are your thoughts on this mighty creature in the game and how would you use her to best efficiency?


The Immunity to Deceleration is the main reason it’s so good. Coupled with the highest base damage in the game, it counters Trykosaurus, Diorajasaur and Ardentismaxima, and Cleansing Impact means it can take most speedsters down to below 1000 HP in 1 turn, as well as counter bleeders.
And that’s on even grounds. If players boost Mortem the way they boost their Nitro Thors, it’ll be the ultimate tankbuster.

That basic move will also be great at clearing minions with the help of an attack-buffing teammate.


InGen every time he comes with a new hybrid


If you manage to find a team then you should be able to beat Mortem Rex with your unboosted level 20 Irritator. @zBatman’s Discord group has a lot of potential teammates. The Mortem Rex thread also probably has people looking for someone with an Irritator.

I have a Tenontorex, and I’m willing to help out too. All that’s needed is some planning and coordination.



Probably overpowered. Thor with old boost system 2.0. Hope that arena will not become worse than now when people will start getting hands on this. Don’t know what to expect but have a bad feeling…

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Dont worry many people will ask nerf if this apex op

It will definitely be very difficult to deal with around Aviary if people boost its speed to the sky, but that would be a boost problem, not a balancing issue. On even grounds it’s easily beaten by anything that’s faster, has more than 3000 HP and can deal 4500 damage in 2 turns, of which there’s loads. Erlikospyx, Tenontorex, Geminititan, Quetzorion, Magnapyritor, Mammolania, Erlidominus, Indoraptor, and so on.


speaking of boost spreads, what would be an optimal spread for it?
i was thinking somewhere around 15/15, but it would need to contend with faster Maxes as well.

Absolutely. But since boost are in the game and affect every player’s experience, Ludia should probably design its creatures considering boost and their effect on creatures in battle. I know and i agree that at even levels its well balanced, but this seems anything but something designed considering boosts.

I’m thinkin about 8 life, 10 damage and 12 speed, you don’t need to be Nitro fast

I’m already a fan :star_struck:. However, we’re on the same boat, I’m not close to unlocking her.

The abilities aren’t that special, but the amount of resistance and high base stats definitely makes up for it, IMO.


But by that logic anything that’s Immune to Deceleration and resistant to DoT is unbalanced. Endgame players should have no problem beating Mortem, and that’s kind of the point. You need boosts to beat boosts.


Why? there’s always a room for counters if the will is to keep a balanced meta where there could be different winning conditions, imo.
Surely endgame players will have no problem dealing with Mortem, i’m thinking of the all other players out of top 1000. But probably i’m basing my thoughts on 2.0 Maxima and old Thor experience. Mortem being raid exclusive can’t be leveled as fast as the other two, and a lot of time will have to pass before anyone levels it to 30 with boosts, leaving windows for introducing counters and leveling them. So probably you’re right, we’ll see if there will be a Mortem plague or not :rofl: , since it’s so beautiful that everybody’s gonna play it


Please no, I don’t want Goji and Ghidorah in this mess as well.


two words… HYPER NERF BOI!!!

by the way, this is like godzilla dinosaur form, Dioraja is also godzilla cause the spikes

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@Ned what’s your name in jwa?



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