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Dinosaur of the Day #209 - Doedicurus

Artist Unknown

Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 1100.
Speed: 111.
Crit: 5%
Armour: 50%

Resilient Strike.
Resilient Rampage.
Group Taunting Shields.

Resistant to distraction (50%) and vulnerable (100%).

With a length of four meters Doedicurus is easily one of the larger members of the glyptodonts,‭ ‬armoured herbivores that are related to modern day armadillos.‭ ‬Like other glyptodonts,‭ ‬Doedicurus had an armoured shell made from osteoderms that grew to surround its body.‭ ‬This shell was most strongly fixed around the pelvis,‭ ‬with the shoulders retaining a degree of independent mobility while still being covered by the shell.‭ ‬A secondary hump is also present on top of Doedicurus’s back,‭ ‬and this has been suggested by palaeontologists as a fat reserve similar to a camels.‭ ‬While Doedicurus could not withdraw its head into this shell,‭ ‬the head still had bony armour growths that afforded Doedicurus additional protection from predators.

The tail of Doedicurus also had an additional covering of bone that was more flexible than the main shell.‭ ‬The really special adaptation of the tail however was the spiked club on the end,‭ ‬with the flexible armour covering of the upper tail allowing Doedicurus to‭ ‬to‭ ‬swing this club from side to side.‭ ‬It is the removal of these spikes that led to the name Doedicurus,‭ ‬or‭ ‘‬pestle tail‭’‬,‭ ‬as without them,‭ ‬the club seems to be covered in pestles.

The tail club of Doedicurus seems to have been for intra-specific combat between two competing individuals,‭ ‬possibly males looking to attain mating rights over a female.‭ ‬Strong evidence for this behaviour comes from damage on the body shells of some Doedicurus specimens that match the general size and structure of Doedicurus tail club spikes.‭ ‬The scenario would see two Doedicurus squaring off against each other in a side by side head to tail orientation,‭ ‬and then hitting each other in the sides of their bodies with their spiked clubs.‭

An additional theory for the tail club has been that of predator defence,‭ ‬although when examined in more detail it seems unlikely that a single Doedicurus could have effectively used this club against a predator.‭ ‬The main problem here is that because of the large body shell,‭ ‬Doedicurus could not see behind itself to target an attacking predator.‭ ‬An alternative could be if Doedicurus lived in groups and when attacked clustered facing together and all sweeping their tails in unison to create an intimidating living wall of armour and swinging clubs.


The first of our new creatures and I think she is fairly average for a Rare creature. Her stats aren’t too bad for a tanky type creature. For her abilities, Doedicurus seems very dedicated to smashing dodging opponents and some small defensive measure. I quite like her for what she is but I can see her being something easily replaceable although I hope she gets a nice hybrid at some point.

I don’t think Doedicurus is quite strong enough to take part in Raids unless quite high level and probably boosted.

What are your thoughts on Doedicurus and how would you use her now?


I thank his cool hope get a hybrid with one of the roapters or the trex or eany one ther


Haven’t found one in the wild yet. Got mine from an incubator.

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That 50% armor could lead to a serviceable hybrid.

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Found three in the wild was pretty lucky as all three were grouped together .

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High tier nonhybrid

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That pic is awesome

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Turtle without devastating

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Just a little heads up,Prehistoric Wildlife isn’t the best source(to say the least) for sizes and silhouettes

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I know that. They tend to enlarge things but its just nice to add rough idea of size.

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My least favorite creature so far.