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Dinosaur of the Day #212 - Entelolania

Created used DNA from Entelomoth and Meiolania.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 1200.
Speed: 104
Critical: 5%
Armour: 40%

Persistent Ferocious Strike.
Emergency Heal.
Group Decelerating Impact.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Entelolania is a new hybrid and at least on paper looks really good. She is a little slow but the high health and higher than average damage make her seem worthwhile. Each of her attack abilities is pulling off a decent amount of damage. She’s not getting through armour or shields easily but anything else is going to feel the pain. I like the look of her.

Entelolania looks like she could be a very good Raid choice, especially if a few boosts are applied to her.

What are your thoughts on Entelolania and how would you use her?

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Full disclosure: I think this thing looks absolutely amazing in terms of designs. In battle it could be better.


Yup. It’s a turtle.

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I like the fact that it’s a unique turtle model. I’ll save judgement on abilities until after I can test her out.

But Iooked at the hologram the wrong way, and now i cant stop seeing it with a pig nose. :rofl:


Eh, 2 damaging moves, no Rampage, no anti-tank, I’m disappointed…and salty they gave the hybrid slot to meiolania again, WHY???


Design wise it’s cool, It actually looks linda cute lol
But it’s hardly worth creating let alone using.

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IKR, why not Doedicurus

Problem 1

Same problem as mammoth, supposedly resilient but uses buffing moves with no ways to cleanse distraction (besides healing), plus cunning creatures can remove the said attack buff.

Problem 2

This literally just makes Entelodon VS Elasmotherium. You choose which one to level, spend your mammoth DNA on, and which unique to get.

Problem 3

Why get it? It’s a waste of precious mammoth DNA you could put to the much better Mammolania. There needs to be a clearer different between the two; one literally made for raids and the other literally made for pvp. It’s kinda that way now, but not fully.


The Entelodon ancestry is wasted here. We have enough resilient creatures already.


I actually like the way it looks, but my brain fails to register that this is the hybrid of the demon pig. It’s just too different-looking, and it’s abilities and play style are so wildly different too.


I fully agree.

I agree. slightly more HP and devestation like in the other turtles