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Dinosaur of the Day #212 - Entelolania

entelania is an absolute monster now. that damage output is CRAZY. 4200 on devastation, 6300 if used with a ferocity boost! thats insane.
on par with mammolania, quetzorion, and trykosaurus in pvp.



Created using DNA from Meiolania and Entelomoth.

Rarity: Unique.
Tier: Elite - Low.
Health: 4200.
Damage: 1400.
Speed: 107
Armour: 45%
Critical: 5%

Persistent Ferocious Strike.
Dig In.
Resilient Impact.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

Entelolania has not changed since I last updated her entry. My initial thoughts on Entelolania were way out because she is a lot better than I gave her credit for. Great health and awesome damage output. She is perfect for the Arena although I’m surprised that I have yet to see any Raid strategies using her.

What are your thoughts on Entelolania after the recent update?

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Pure example of how a creature can be made worthy.


entelolania changed significantly since you updated it. you didnt update it since it was added
group decel impact → resilient impact
bellow → devastation
emergency heal → dig in
attack 1200 → 1400
armor 40 → 45
speed 104 → 107

The Field Guide shows what she currently is. I didn’t update a couple of game updates over the last year, so I look at when I last updated.

it says here that you last updated in september. which was before the buff

wait, i see it now. nvm

I didn’t update a couple because I didn’t want to flood the forums too often with the updated discussion threads.