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Dinosaur of the Day # 213 - Hadros Lux

Rarity: Apex.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 5100.
Damage: 1500.
Speed: 108
Critical: 5%
Armour: 0%

Resilient Strike.
Greater Emergency Heal.
Resilient Impact.
Medium Resilient Counter-Attack.

Resistant to distraction (50%), speed decrease (100%), stun (100%) and vulnerable (100%).

We have a new Apex rarity with Hadros Lux. The easiest thing to do is compare her to the only other Apex creature at present, Mortem Rex. Hadros has a lot more health but less damage. To make up for that though Hadros is a very resilient based creature with two attacks and a counter attack to defeat dodgers. Hadros Lux is not as frightening to face as Mortem but she does have an awesome healing ability that will be hard to beat.

Hadros Lux is definitely a optimal Raid creature. She’ll do very well I think.

What are your thoughts on Hadros Lux and how would you use her?


This boss battle looks harder than Mortem’s. 4 rounds, beefy minions, healing, dual rampages, and a counter. it looks like a solid creature to have on your team once unlocked. Solid resilient but shut down by armor and shields.


Yeah, I saw the discussion about her being a 4 round battle and I find that just bizarre. Going to be a real slog for those capable of challenging her.

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I can see it (possibly) getting a damage nerf. Maybe 1300. Its damage and healing are what makes it such a threat. I think it’s more of a threat than Mortem Rex, which is remarkable in more ways than one.

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I can see this battle being a very slow slog… And only available to those with a lotta boosts in a very specific set of dinos.

I have to admit the raid dinos are making me rethink my original goal of completing the dinodex. I don’t enjoy the longer raids at all.

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Definitely very good. Deserving of Apex Rarity? I think so.

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And stuns too

I might just play the raid just to get a good look at it, but I don’t know if I would laugh or cry about how strong it is. :grimacing:

And I was starting to feel really good about Morty. LOL :laughing:

I’m so disappointed to learn it is 4 rounds and with stronger minions. Why? :sob:

In my opinion, the best creature in the game. 60% to beat mortem, as a resilient creature no less. With armored creatures, it does so much damage that it kills tryko in 2 turns. Dio and grypo with their shields could be tricky, but it should give then an absolute whooping


It cannot be stunned

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In the raid, it is stun-able

That’s interesting because this version, that we can potentially get, cannot be stunned.

not according to the datamine. it is immune.

raid resistances are different than the once unlocked hadro’s

I literally just checked their data mine for the raid. it’s 100% stun resist

I thought you were referring to the actual playable creature. My mistake

Not sure if greater emergency heal is fair. its already annoying me when I fight edmonguanodon