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Dinosaur of the Day #214 - Inostherium


Made using DNA from Arcaeotherium and Inostrancevia.

Rarity: Rare.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 131
Critical: 5%
Armour: 0%

Cunning Strike.
Mutual Fury.
Group Distraction.
Revenge Impact.

Resistant to damage over time (50%) and distraction (100%)

Inostherium is a new hybrid that is very easy to make at this time. For a Rare she isn’t too bad as she has good health and a better than average damage. She is also fast which is always good. The only grumble I have with her abilities is the inclusion of mutual fury which I wouldn’t use on a creature this fast. It’s an ability you’ll use only when slower than the opposition. Seems an odd addition when Inostherium have done with another attack form.

I can see Inostherium being a possible Raid creature for the lower level bosses but would you take her when there are other options?

What are your thoughts on Inostherium and how would you use her?

Mutual Fury can cleanse, but this guy has so low health that he’s basically dead once you decelerate him, even against the likes of his own rarity. It could’ve gotten a ferocious move and a speed buffing one at the same point.

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With something like entelochops, this makes sense. There are many creatures like alloraptor faster than chops. There aren’t many creatures faster than inotherium, and with a poor multiplier in revenge impact, there is little benefit from it anyways. Poorly made hybrid

It looks like a dog tbh. Its design I like as I find it very funny. :rofl:

I’m trying to make it but it seems that I can’t find any.

I like the design. I have a soft spot for ferocious looking beasts with long sharp fangs like that.

In any case, it is very good against the Rexy Boss. Not on its own of course, but with other Cunning creatures. Not sure how it is against others. Have it at level 15 rigt now, plan on gathering more money to level it up to level 20. Bet money that it will immediately get a Unique hybrid.

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