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Dinosaur of the Day #215 - Poukaidei


Created using DNA from Dinonychus and Haast’s Eagle.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3600.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 131.
Critical: 5%
Armour: 0%

Evasive Strike.
Fearless Flap.
Instant Distraction.

Resistant to distraction (100%) and stun (100%).

Poukaidei (not sure how you pronounce that!) is another of the new hybrids. She is super fast but the health and damage seem rather low for a Legendary rarity in my mind. She could probably do with a slightly higher critical rating. As for her abilities, Poukaidei is basically another Haast’s Eagle but with a double distraction (a double combination I personally dislike). Damage on these abilities is low so I can’t really see much use for her in the Arena for that rarity.

Saying that though, Poukaidei could be a handy Raid team member focusing on distracting the boss and it’s minions. A good support creature wouldn’t need the high damage. What do you think?

What are your thoughts on Poukaidei and how would you use her?


I want to love this one but I can’t. A legendary with only 1x damage is bad. With the amount of resilients running around in this game, you just won’t be able to use her in the arena. This is one of the things I hate about the “glass cannons” of this game - they’re nowhere near as strong as they should be. Armor should be their downfall, but here, it’s one specific move - resilient.

As for raids, she could be a good team member there, but again - you need loads of high powered dinos. The 20 turn limit doesn’t help her with that kind of damage, either.


Agreed. I wasn’t really sure what to make of her when I was reading through the stats. Poukaidei isn’t very well designed for her rarity. In hindsight, I think you are right about Raids. At the level you’ll be be able to use her, the bosses will just stomp her flat regardless.

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Found a little error

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Well spotted. :slight_smile:

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So basically they added a real dinosaur in the game

I guess it needs 1 extra speed and pounce, even though, I’m not sure how a bird would pounce.

Eagles jump up into the air from the ground a lot to catch rodents. If Spyx can pounce, an eagle can pounce easily.

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I suppose then…

Poe - uh - kai - day

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With the hybrid designs, Ludia hit it spot on with this guy and the rare. With stats and abilities, all are a big miss.

He is not worthy for all the time but remember that he has double distractions

With those habilities, I don’t see it as a creature for battle (not like phoru) but rather I see it as a component for a superhybrid (like pteraquetzal)

It is pretty and all, but not having its 132 speeds that correspond to it and not having an attack x2 (x1.5 and I would risk it) make it look like a component


One useless dino from Ludia to its players To Go!

I played with it on some strike towers and is kind of a novelty only working well against certain creatures.

Needs more damage output, giving it Pounce ought to do the trick, maybe raise its damage too.


Haast Eagle just with different coloring and is he the worst legendary

Change one distraction move to some 2× move

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I love the design of this thing, but it’s so trash! It only has one times moves which make it take 3-4 to kill fierce creatures, while good cunning creatures can finish of a pure fierce in about 2 turns. All it’s moves and gimmicks get obliterated by one thing. Resilient. 100% dodge chance? Gone. 50% distraction? Cleansed. Minor Speed buff? Nullified and slowed.
This essentially makes it a free kill for more than half the game’s dinos. And with that pathetic attack stat it barely scratches resilients.

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As we can all agree that Poukaidai is fairly bad (being polite) do you think she is the basis for a planned future super hybrid? :eagle: