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Dinosaur of the Day #220 - Eremoceros


Created using DNA from Eremotherium and Eucladoceros.

Rarity: Legendary.
Tier: TBA.
Health: 3900
Damage: 1300
Speed: 126
Armour: 10%
Critical: 5%

Shielded Decelerating Strike.
Dig In.
Cunning Rampage.

Resistant to distraction (50%), speed decrease (50%) and vulnerable (50%).

Eremoceros is a new hybrid from the 2,2 update. Looking at her stats she has reasonable health and damage, and is quite fast. As for her abilities, Eremoceros is a bit of an odd one. She seems to be a mixture of slowing, defence and healing, followed by an alternate turn solid rampage hit. While I look at her and think she’s okay, I can imagine that she is possibly going to become quite annoying to play against.

Looking at Eremoceros I’m not sure whether she is good Raid option or not. She doesn’t strike me initially to be all that useful in that corner of the game.

What are you thoughts on Eremoceros and how would you use her?


Could be annoying for tourneys but only gonna unlock to prepare for the unique and for my collection. Just doesn’t seem like anything special, ya know?

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Agreed. Looking over the stats I felt that it should either camouflage or dig in, not both, and replace one with another attack mode. Right now, she could be so much better because she doesn’t seem to cut it as a Legendary rarity.

I would rather this beast be the result of Eremotherium and Megalogaia. But this creature could be a force to be reckoned with if given the right stats.

As of now, Eremo is one of those hybrids that will make enemies cry with frustration.

I actually… Made a Unique hybrid with this hybrid and Miragaia… My hybrid is basically what I’d hope it’s future hybrid will be like. That is, if anyone’s interested.


Sure. Let’s see it. :+1:

I like the magma smash thingy that happens when it crits on its rampage. Other then that it’s meh


I’ll admit, it’s a bit on the side of high attack, so with the moveset it has, I’m willing to lower it to somewhere between 1350-1420 and the speed between 118-124.


I like it for it’s design more than it’s attacks. :3


To me, its design carries a weird sort of folklore vibe. Spirit of the forest sort of thing.


I can’t help but see him as a “guardian of the forest”. who would say that something so beautiful would come out of a cirevo God Of War style XD

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it needs both

Can confirm. It does need both. They serve different purposes. Sometimes, I wish it had a counter of some sort but it doesn’t really need one.



why doesnt it have eremos counter?

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It has 250 more attack than Eremotherium and a basic attack so I think that’s the justification for it not having a counter. But a even a small counter would be nice :slight_smile:


Yeah, it should have at least a minor counter-attack and maybe a swap-in (preferably Swap-in heal like it’s parent Eucladoceros)

Here is a cool Update concept I had for Eremoceros that makes it more helpful in raids and keeps it’s viability in the arena!

(The swap in and resistances are just a little icing on the cake. :wink:)

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That is a fairly heft reworking.


In a good way right?

It’s certainly an improvement. :slight_smile:


eremoceros is really weird lol. its actually pretty good. it can stall well and cunning rampage does good damage.

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