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Dinosaur of the Day #225 - Amphicyon

Artist: Julio Lacerda

In popular culture Amphicyon is possibly the best known genera of the group known as‭ ‘‬bear dogs‭’‬.‭ ‬This group was so named because of the immensely robust build of the body that gave them the appearance of bears even though the‭ ‬heads were more dog-like.‭ ‬Despite this more general name,‭ ‬Amphicyon was not a true dog,‭ ‬although it did live alongside animals that were more closely related to true dogs such as Epicyon.

Amphicyon was one of the larger examples of the bear dogs,‭ ‬and of the known species A.‭ ‬ingens from North America is often cited as one of the largest.‭ ‬It’s thought that the arrival of amphicyonine bear dogs in North America replaced older carnivores like Hyaenodon as the dominant predators of the land until they themselves were replaced by a combined emergence of new feline and canid predators.

Although Amphicyon is thought by many to have been an omnivore,‭ ‬it still had dedicated adaptations for hunting.‭ ‬Its sheer physical size meant that it was capable of overpowering many of the potential prey‭ ‬items that it came into contact with,‭ ‬and the especially well developed forelimbs suggest it was capable of wrestling prey to the ground.‭ ‬However this strength came at the price of speed,‭ ‬so Amphicyon would have been restricted to prey that could not run away from it,‭ ‬possibly larger and slower but more powerful animals like Chalicotherium that would have necessitated the extra strength.

The concept of pack behaviour in Amphicyon has been considered by some,‭ ‬but while it is a possibility there is so far very little in the way of direct evidence to support this behaviour.‭ ‬If Amphicyon was a solitary hunter it may have eventually had to go up against pack animals like wolves,‭ ‬and while some solitary predators can and do hold their ground against wolf packs‭ (‬as can be witnessed today with grizzly bears stealing the kills from packs of‭ ‬grey wolves‭)‬,‭ ‬this is not an absolute rule that can be applied to everything.‭ ‬Such competition could be a key part of the ultimate downfall of Amphicyon as a dominant carnivore,‭ ‬as well as a seeming shift of herbivorous prey animals becoming larger,‭ ‬faster and more powerful in their own rights,‭ ‬meaning that Amphicyon no longer had a size advantage,‭ ‬but possibly a size hindrance.


Rarity: Common
Health: 3150
Damage: 1300
Speed: 122
Armour: 0%
Critical: 40%

Group Cleansing Strike.
Fierce Impact.
No Escape.

Resistant to speed decrease (100%).

Looking at Amphicyon’s stats, she seems to be rather good for a Common rarity creature. Fair health, damage and generally I would say above average. With her abilities Amphicyon can put out a decent amount of damage consistently and she is going to be largely free of any negative effects. No escape seems like an interesting if odd addition. Seems a little out of place but I’m not complaining.

I can’t see Amphicyon being that useful in Raid battles but certainly in some corners of the Arena and tournaments, I think she’ll be a worthwhile addition.

What are your thoughts on Amphicyon?

I think Amphicyon will be one of the most powerful commons, its easily capable of shredding resilients and can do fair damage to both fierce and cunning creatures. On top of this all itself is pretty easily accessible with the new spawning system.

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Agreed. I think mine is up to 11th level already. It seems to spawn right on top of me almost every time I open the game up.

Nice! I only had one yet on my alt, I immediately put it in a sanc lol

Same. Amphicyon, Gorgonops and Magistitherium have all spawned in fair quantities around me this week and I’ve been able to share them to my Alliance. Just Antarctopelta and Parasaurolophus Lux to find now.

I only had amphi and gorgon from which I unlocked only amphicyon

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For some reason I always spelled it like raccoon, so like “Amphycoon”


Antarcto is exclusive or so I heard.

Pretty solid, it plays about how you’d expect it to

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Since I haven’t been able to escape my house I still haven’t seen any of them :disappointed_relieved:

I recently unlocked it and Gorgonops.

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Unfortunately Antarctopelta is indeed exclusive. :pensive:


Mine have come from sitting at home and turning the phone on or logging in for a naughty quick peak at work. I have yet to get out for a walk hunting due to lockdown and the weather.

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I am mitigate about her.
I mean all the others members of this family have rending attacks and it would have been the perfect opportunity to bring it to commons(aswell as rending resistance to commons and rares).
Imagining it in a common tournament, I think it is good, but clearly not at the level of glyptodon and eremotherium

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Ohh, so I guess I’m just super unlucky :slightly_frowning_face:

However I probably have only played a combined 1 hour this week.

I guess it depends where your short range spawn points are.

I spoke too soon!

Thanks to the alliance member who put the Amphicyon in the sanctuary :smiley:

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it good but andrew and megisto need to do some move and stat swapping with each other

What are everyone’s thoughts on Amphicton these days? Originally we seemed to like her but these days I find her a little underwhelming.